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What's Your World Domination?

Just curious how my fellow sellers are doing in their quest for World Domination here on Fiverr. Mine is at 55%

Mine’s 1%, but I don’t offer much international shipping, so I don’t see it growing.

Im at 19% :slight_smile:

18% in Just 4 Months :slight_smile:

I’m here from 9 days and my domination is 1%

1% I am happy till I get Sales :slight_smile:



I got 40% lately! I think I added Chile to the list. Most of Africa is missing and Russia is AWOL. I really want a Russian buyer!!!

I like the World Domination map, I remember when it displayed on public profile

Mine is 26%, I’ve barely made sales in Africa

Yes me too! Is fiverr blocked in Russia? I’m so proud of my 1 Chinese buyer since I know most of the internet is blocked there. I have almost half of Africa, most of S. America, all of Central America, and most of the globe, none in Greenland. Recently I’ve had several buyers in N. Korea.

I’ve gotten 40 sales from Russia and about 16 from the Africa area. I’m sitting at 55 percent word domination.

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Ooh North Korea’s a good one. I’ve got South Korea. I know the world domination map is pretty useless, but it’s fun… I’m sure I’ll get a Russian buyer one of these days. After that, Mongolia!

I’m at 20% with sales in Russia and some other former USSR countries, a couple from all over really. The US makes up 20% of my orders and Italy makes up 16%!
I have sold on 6 continents! Whoop!

I doubt if Mongolia will be one. You know how they live in tents with yaks right?

They also smear each other with yak butter for a jolly spot of mud wrestling. Mongolia is cool in my book. You can actually take the trans-Siberian train there–it branches off somewhere so instead of going to Vladivostock, you get to somewhere in China. Where there’s a dwarf village.

Man, I need to hit the road sometime soon. So many things to see and do…

My interest in travel involves beaches and palm trees.

Different strokes :slight_smile: my dream holidays all involve lots of weird stuff happening and most importantly of all, stories. I’ve never enjoyed the beach, and I live near to some of the best in Europe! I do like the winter seas and sky though, they are impressively dramatic. And sometimes the beach ends up on the main road after a storm–I always enjoy taking the bike out with my dog to look around those days :wink:

I have more than my share of adventures and weirdness.

59%! Got most of South America except for Guyana and Suriname, 9 African countries, all of Europe except for one. Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, China, Bangladesh, and South Korea. I do wish the map would allow us to zoom in, some countries are too small to see clearly on the map. I know I got an order from Fiji a long time ago, but I can’t see it on the map.