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What's Your World Domination?

Not even Nigeria? I’ve gotten a lot of orders form Nigeria, they’re always doing things online. There’s this guy who does marketing seminars, he’s hired me like 20 times.

Does anyone have orders from Greenland? Do people live there? I have orders from a country I’ve never heard of in Africa, Benin. Some interesting names come through my portal.

100%. Because I’m awesome! :smiley:

(Well, okay, not quite that high, but close).

mmm world domination

It does have a touch of the Dr. Evils about it (which I love)!

Though still new, domination is 4%

61% :slight_smile:

Benin is a bit of a backwater these days, but in the past it was a major African empire. Check it out, it’s a very interesting history!

i’m at 10%


Speaking about Africa, I only have gotten sales from Morocco, Zimbabwe and Kenya

I haven’t met that nigerian user yet! Lolllll

Yes! I offer a deal to users from countries where I haven’t sold yet but now is difficult for people to know whether they qualify or not. There might be a way to show a link to it (added to the profile?). Good point.


50 % :slight_smile:

Well, hopefully you will eventually, if someone needs what you’re selling. :slight_smile:

My most interesting Nigerian client needed a brand name for a BBQ chicken restaurant. I don’t know if he used what I gave him, sometimes my clients tell me when they do, other times they forget, and sometimes they don’t use anything I give them.

Greenland? Sure, people live there, but not everywhere, Greenland is a bit like Iceland, with the population scattered. It reminds me of Alaska, our biggest State in size yet with the lowest population. Some villages in Alaska get their goods by airplane and pay huge prices at the supermarket. On the other hand, every Alaskan resident gets a cut of the oil profits, the check might be between $500 to $3,000 or more. Now those checks will be smaller, oil is way down.

56% so far :smiley:
Africa and Greenland are the real challenge!

65%… getting there!

Same here :smiley:

Mine is 6%… I love the US Market most of my buyers are from US :slight_smile: