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What's Your World Domination

Fiverr Members,

I am a fan of Fiverr’s illustrative globe, that show how much order you’ve received from each person around the world. I currently have a domination score of 20%. But I am wondering is it even possible to get 100% domination; that I would consider almost impossible.

What is your world domination % and what exotic/rare country had you received and order from?

I’m just behind you, at 19%. Mostly from US and Europe, but received a couple from Greenland, UAE, and a small country in Africa that’s so tiny, I can’t even hover over it on the map to tell you what it’s called!

I think the map is great, it let’s you see all the different people you’ve worked with and met all around the world :slight_smile:

I think that can become 100% in upcoming centuries if I forward my account to our next generations.

Minimal sales from Costa Rica, Panama, Kiribati and some others that I don’t remember.

I’m at 39% after about 10 months here on Fiverr. World domination is one of my favorite things about Fiverr! I love working with clients (and sellers) all over the world.

I got an increase in my domination! :slight_smile: taking over the world 1% at a time

Lets hear any more?

Arrived at 25% this week. Hopeful for Greenland and South America Sales.


Reply to @lunabea: Dont worry you overtake 20% soon. Those are some rare/uncommon countries tho, like Greenland. I am wondering if that small country in Africa could be Gambia, what do you think?

Reply to @legalteam: Djibouti I believe it was, just below Yemen.

Reply to @lunabea: WOW! I have never heard of that country before and I know a-lot of countries. Excellent :slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: 27% is great! I will do the same hopefully my children will love doing what I do. Kiribati is very rare

Reply to @writerlisaz: That a very high level score, good job! I feel the same way too

I have increased my domination to 25%

There are like 2 current threads already populated with answers to this question around the forum, why start a third?

Yes we just answered this in another thread last night.

I didn’t see those threads, and please note this is not a NEW thread, I started this thread in August 2015, let me know if those threads started before this.