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When 7 out of every 10 messages are spam... (roughly)


I’ve been receiving so many that I created a quick response for the array of spam messages I normally get. It doesn’t help that I even get disgusting messages with people trying to buy me a plane ticket to come see them overseas. -_-

Then there are those new sellers who keep on asking me to give them work (literally a handful of messages in a row), and when I say no, they won’t stop messaging me until I report their messages two different times.

This could be a coincidence, but the increase in spam happened right after I got TRS…

Is this common for other sellers? (Not the plane ticket thing, but the spam XD.)


Spam messages seem to come to those who are notably successful on Fiverr. It happens because certain new sellers think that sponging off of someone else’s success is a good way to move up in the world. Someone else does the hard work, and the spammer can ride the wave to the top without having to lift any fingers.

I get a lot of spam messages. Most of them are along the lines of:

“Hey, Fiverr senior, I love to see how successful you are. You are my hero! I want to be just like you. Can I be your partner, and you can tell me everything you know so that I can be just as successful as you are?”

My response: “Nope. You can be successful by learning how to work hard, and achieve your own goals.”

Or, other spammers send me messages that say: “You have many orders. Give me some of those orders so that I have some work to do too.”

My response: “Nope. These are my orders. Please figure out how to earn your own.”

Or, still other spammers ask, “Can you buy my gigs. I’ll be ever so grateful to work for you!”

My response: “Nope. I don’t need your services. I am not your target customer. Please go find the people that need your services, instead of begging for sales from people who don’t need them.”

Spammers are lazy. Laziness is a terrible business strategy.

I will continue to succeed, because I work hard, I understand my customers, and I deliver high-quality work. Spammers will continue to fail because they have no interest in doing any of those things.


What the heck is wrong with people? Did you tell thrm 5r isn’t a dating service? These people need assistance not available on 5r.

. . . And you turn them down? How could you? They probably saw the “Baasman” bat signal. :grin:


I’m not really that successful, but I get a few messages like that.

I hate the ones that start really ambiguously because then I have to invest a little time into them.

“Hey, I want to talk about work.”

“Sure, how can I help you?”

“I desire you help me with job”

“Ok… can you give me details?”

“Writing job”

“What kind of writing job?”

“I want you help me get writing job”



Obviously, I haven’t got messages where I’m offered plane tickets! But I do sometimes gets messages from new sellers asking me to help them to get buyers!! But that is not so often, just rarely!

I try to advise them as per my best knowledge. This is possible coz I rarely get such messages, or else, I think I would get irritated too!


the Bassman signal? That sound bad@ss!! :sunglasses:


You haven’t seen that yet? Hum, I think it was Lorna that designed - could be wrong.

Oops, late to work, otherwise I’d search for it myself. :smiley:


Okay, so I’m not alone. I’d say I feel relieved, but I hate to hear that fellow sellers have to deal with this. It’s a huge time-waster and pain in the ***.

What totally boggles my mind is those who ask me for work (writing and editing jobs) when their writing is riddled with so many mistakes I can’t even fully understand what they’re saying. When I’m honest with them and give them links to previous seller tips posts I wrote here on the forums, they tell me I’m being really rude. Self-projecting much? :expressionless: