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When a buyer doesn't fill the gig requirements

I’ve been waiting for 2 days… already nudged… sent message… and still the order is on hold… BUT my avg delivery time increased and I fear I’m being penalized by all this delay! what else can I do?

Simply send a mutual cancellation request if the buyer has not filled in the instruction form in a couple of days. That is what I do.

Hola, la diseñadora majohgonzalez sólo envió una propuesta hace ya un mes y no ha vuelto a responder nuestros mensajes solicitándole cambios pues necesitamos ese logo Urgente…lastima que lo malo de este sistema es que uno no puede hablar con el diseñador de frente y solicitarle una explicación ante la demora. Que puedo hacer?, quien responde ante esto?. Gracias

I don’t think it effects anything. Because the order is incomplete. Maybe others can explain it better.

thanks! I thought about it but the info I found was that an order have to have 13 days after being completed to be canceled! I’ll check into that :wink:

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that’s what I thought! but I had an avg delivery time of 2h and now it’s 14h! maybe the changes on the accounts look triggered it… I’m happy again… the buyer filled the request today and I could deliver in 1h :slight_smile: I thought about cancellation but think I can work to a good avg again and the cancellation would be there forever…

what is meant by avg delivery time? where is it.

If a buyer does not add any information You do not need to worry about it just let you buyer one or two times and perform work on other orders . There is not harm if the order not start . so m sure a person who order will defiantly put reason to order .

I had the same similar problem and I would like to ask FIVERR team to implement a seller approval for the requirements sent by the seller: In my case Im doing a report based on the data (is an excel file) that they extract from their advertising dashboard. Now most of my buyers dont know how to extract this report despite I give them clear instruction and only after 2-3 time between messages back and forth, they manage to do it.
I was thinking if a better solution would be an approval from the seller of the requirements before the actual start of the gig. What do you guys think?