When a buyer gives a tip!


So I have noticed that when a buyer accepts the delivered order, and leaves me a TIP… Fiverr takes a commission fee from that tip, in addition to the regular order.
I do not think that is very fair! Because Fiverr is already taking a 20% commission fee on all completed orders. And we as sellers did all the work! Why should Fiverr take part of the tip, when I am the individual who did a good job for that buyer? A tip is a reward for doing a good job, not part of the sales price.
Come on Fiverr… Let us keep the whole tip amount!



this has been brought up several times. a quick search of the forum and you’ll see the discussion as to why this is.


You are working on Fiverr and they are only take 20% from you and 80% is yours so it is fair


Think logically!
A buyer and seller decided to do a $100 work. But the seller said them to just order $5 and after the work, tip me all the money.
Now if fiverr will remove the 20% system from tip then they will not get anything from a genuine sale.

I am not making things up. There are already too many tricks are using by those superminded persons. And this was just a 1 example of what is possible if Fiverr will give you all the TIP.

Sure, there are so many ways to get around this fraud cheat system. But Fiverr is already working to fix so many issues. They are trying really hard. Just what they need is TIME.