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When A Buyer Ignores What You Say in the Description

Hi. I’m back again looking for some more advice from those more experienced on fiverr than I. This morning I woke up to find I had a new order (hurray) on my gig entitled ‘lead magnet’ where I take someones idea and turn it into a short story of up to 3000 words. In my FAQ I say that I can do non fiction but as this always involves research, to please contact me first. I then go on to explain what sort of non fiction I have already written.
What the client has submitted where I ask for his outline or idea is his life story, around 11,000 words.

What should I do?


Try contacting customer support
I have got an order 2 days ago and the person didn’t contact me
Its going fine right now
but if he starts harassing you or black mailing you or if you feel he did the wrong thing then immediately ask customer support to handle the situation.


Right now, I’d be pointing out that the gig isn’t suitable for what he’s asked for and offering an extra to pay for it - if you can actually do the work.

A CS cancellation if not.

For the future this post by @melissaharlowvo might give you some ideas on how to protect yourself:


Thanks. Your’e quite right, I need t go through my list of requirements and add items like this. This is amazingly useful, thanks also to @melissaharlowvo for some really excellent advice.


@lesleywrites It’s only out of desperation that I come up with a fix!!! Lol


@coerdelion hey thanks for the vote of confidence! It really saves my bacon!


Say no and cancel.

No one does this accidentally. He’s either lazy, cheap and incompetent or a scam artist.

Don’t let someone try to get away with free work. These people are never good buyers. No one legitimate would ever do this.


I’m of the same opinion here. I don’t get a ton of bad-faith buyers like this, but once in awhile one will come across my dash. If you capitulate, you’re going to be committing to endless revisions and messages, and if you’re unlucky, messages from equally cheap/scammy buyers that your first troublemaker “recommended” you to (gee thanks).

Boundaries are stomach-twisting for some of us to enforce, but they’re absolutely necessary. Learn the power of your “no” and you’ll find that you end up making a lot more money for the same amount of work time. :slight_smile:


Totally. And it would also encourage the jerk to scam other people if they see it works on you. Break the cycle!

It’s the forum folks that helped me grow a backbone and business is booming right now, I owe a lot to you guys. I literally tripled my rates and learned how to turn down wheedling/discount/scope creeps since I started coming here for advice and I’ve never had more work. <3


That’s why I post here! I’m smiling. Thanks so much for sharing that and congratulations!

I’ve been freelancing for 8 years. It took a long time to feel comfortable charging what I’m worth because so many people took advantage of me and there is so much pressure to under charge and overwork. So it’s easy to undervalue yourself.

I write in the forum to help people undo that conditioning and find their value.

What’s the number one reason sellers don’t realize they’re getting scammed or attracting jerks? They’ve been conditioned to undervalue themselves.


Perfectly said! Why are so many people afraid of boundaries? In all aspects of life, boundaries are needed for family, work, friends and even our animals! Saying no leads to way more gratifying results!

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