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When a buyer leaves an inaccurate review?

The buyer said it was not delivered on time, when it was delivered on time. Here’s how it went down, they ordered my gig; they didn’t provide all of the information; I asked them for more, the clock was ticking and they got back to me two days later.

I informed them that it was not a problem, but I might need to add the 2 days back to the order (that’s why my delivery is that long for a reason) I came back to them and said I do. They accepted. I delivered about 6 hrs before the new delivery time. But the review says, “it was not on time”.

What do you do in this situation? I contacted the buyer trying to explain this but they did not reply. The rating is not bad but the review does not reflect my work.

The only time I’ve been late is when I added a gig extra for someone without extended delivery time.

I contacted CS to ask how to handle this situation but I’m curious to know what other would/have done in this case?


I would take a screenshot that proves that it was delivered on time, and upload it to Imgur or a similar service. Then, I’d respond with a very polite review of my own, explain what happened, and add the Imgur link that proves it.

Are we allowed to do that in a review back to the buyer? I thought no links are allowed.

edit: actually not true, but links like that and other websites that aren’t google drive or dropbox

As I think you have to contact client. he can change it…

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I know of a TRS and a Pro seller who does it. The Imgur link would lead just to screenshots (possibly with your comments), there would be no contact information.

Or, if you don’t want to take a chance, you can simply explain what happened in your review of the buyer.

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