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When a buyer looses control of the stearing wheel but still insists on driving


So some buyers are just too funny for me to handle. A buyer comes, places an order without even communicating with me. In the requirements I get a silly ok (which triggers the clock to start the count down). Since I am already used to working fast I finish the work but then I get a modification request. “Messages had stuck so not all information had been delivered to me”… I complete the require modification then deliver… After 2 more modifications, I am hit with a 3 star rating in all categories… I mean watagatapitsuberry?? So I ask why and the most ridiculous response… {{Because I rate everyone 3 star}} :fearful: EVERYONE. Then some idle hands, I get another order from the same buyer seconds late. This ain’t funny but I fell down laughing at the thought of doing another task with a 100% guarantee of getting 3 stars.


Ya. Definitely wouldn’t work with that buyer. How horrible! Seems like he has a less than 3-Star attitude too. Does that mean you can deliver him nothing and he will still give you 3 stars?


That’s an odd one. (Edited after being asked to.)


“I usually always rate everyone a 3 star.” This were his/her exact words. The reason was that because he or she had to ask for modifications. My modifications were free, I never asked for additional money to do them. I delivered in less than 12 hour where my delivery time in the gig is 2 days. I stopped requesting review modification when I realized that it is in most times a waste of time. So let me welcome that 3 star to my family of 5 stars.


How did you manage to see that? I would love to see it.


Doesn’t always show everything, but go to Google and search for username

You’ll see the gigs on which they’ve left feedback.


Yes, just Google. I edited my response a bit, but you can find it if you look around.


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I’m really glad offlinehelpers answered first. I’m a vegetarian. :smiley:


Then I would have given you 50 :green_apple: and an :eggplant:


Yeah! If I had those I would make eggplant parm and apple pie!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a little check mark a buyer has to check before ordering, confirming he spoke to you…
Sorry this happened man…


There are 2 things I am waiting for.

  1. Seeing a buyer’s review from sellers
  2. An accept or deny button for new orders.


hmm, that is terrible buyer indeed. You can maybe try contacting CS for review removal, because reason he provided is clear evidence, that he didn’t rate his experience with you. It’s worth a try. :stuck_out_tongue:


Usually I would say it’s worth a try even though CS rarely removes reviews now. In this case, though, 3 stars is considered positive by CS, so the chances are even less. Granted, I guess there is no harm in asking!


Yes, I had a perfect 5 star rating, 2500 orders, and then I got the “I only rate 3 stars” review. Like you, they sent a second order as they reviewed the first order. After some delicate discussion, I declined the new order. I just stated, I wasn’t able to provide what they needed on the new order. After all, I can’t deny services because there is no chance of getting 5 stars.


I definitely would not accept his order. Giving a 3 star rating no matter what is unacceptable. If a buyer gets what is advertised and what they need, they should give at least a 4 and a 5 if everything was what they needed along with great service then it should definitely be a 5 star review.


Exactly! I’m concerned about this as well. How do I know whatever the buyer wants is something I’m ok with ethically speaking. I don’t want to rely on cancellations so wondered why we don’t get the opportunity to decide to decline orders.

Sucks that happened. What a ridiculous response.


victim of same kind of buyer… :disappointed: deliver order in time, all requirements achieved…but i am still confused why he gave 3.5??? and he never reply later. At least buyer should tell that why he is giving less stars…less than expectations…


buyer never know the feelings of seller :sweat_smile: