When a buyer replies, but does not give enough information. What do you do?


I’m sure this has happened to you guys too. A buyer replies to your instructions, so the countdown for the gig starts. BUT, they don’t give enough information. So you ask them for more info or to attach the needed files, but they never reply again…

What do you do?

Do you cancel the gig? You can’t really hit the deliver button because there’s nothing to deliver! If you leave the order open and the countdown ends… then they can come back at anytime and cancel resulting in an automatic negative feedback.

Any thoughts?


No don’t cancel the gig. What i did was deliver with the information that was given. Than the buyer will say hey that’s not what I paid for than you finish it from there. Also while working on the gig continue to send messages to the buyer to show you are trying to make contact. So if it comes down to an issue where you have to go to customer service. You have everything well documented.


This is a buyer friendly site. The site believes the buyer is never wrong. But when they are wrong make sure you can PROVE their wrong. The seller is always left holding the bag.


I would deliver a message like,

“Hey! I need more information to start working on your project, but you have responded to my previous messages. I only have X hours left to complete your order, so to avoid being penalized for being late, I’m marking this order as “delivered”. Don’t worry, as soon as you give me more details regarding your needs, I will finish your project. Don’t mark this order as “complete” yet, instead please send me a regular message as soon as you can, with full instructions. Thank you! I hope to hear back from you soon. :-)”


Yep, thats what I do. Sometimes some are just no clear enough, but if you have tried to ask them, even to the point of putting your steps into Point form, 1. Do you mean…?

2. Would you like…?

3. Please provide…?

etc etc

and they still dont get the point, then deliver what they simply asked for, 99% of the time, if they feel you did not get it, they will say at that point of delivery.

Always go back and say “Just to clarify… is this what you are after…” etc.

Like seemydeath said everything is well documented.

And ALWAYS be polite and friendly in every response.

When I point form anything, I always ask before it, "please answer every point so I completely understand your requirements and provide you with your correct order… " Lucky I have not had too many buyers that I have had to run into this, but as I build websites for a living, I use this technique on my clients, and it works like a charm as they will address each point I put forward.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


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Reply to @auws: Yeah sometimes you have to give buyers a starting point. Once they see what direction you’re headed in, they may chime in and give you more instructions to improve what you’ve done so far. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, and a lot of back and forth communication, but its the nature of the business.