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When a buyer request should not be responded

Once I read a suggestion about When a buyer request may not be responded. Actually I used to respond all buyer requests of my interest even if that had already been populated with hundreds of offers.
But then I came across a suggestion long time ago. It said “Avoid a buyer request that has more then ten offers, because the buyers don’t have time to read all offers. So they try to choose their desired seller from first 20 offers”. Is it right?
Since then I always track and respond the requests which have maximum 20 offers sent already. In this ways 99% requests are skipped due to high numbers of offers.
Please guide.


I couldn’t tell for sure without knowing the source or credibility of said source, but here are two threads that counter that. (Both from a Buyer perspective.)
. Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓
. READ, People! Be original!

It’s been years since I tried Buyer Requests and even back then when I did use I would bid to requests with more than 20 and it somehow worked for me. Not all the time of course. It would depend when the request was posted and how soon you were able to make it.

I think if you have a buyer request offer to spare and you feel confident that you can deliver on that buyer request then you should go ahead and try it.

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Truthfully, most buyer requests should be kept 100 yards from any seller with a court mandated restraining order.

Many requests are ridiculous in price and exhaustively huge in scope. Some requests are outright violations of Fiverr terms and ask for vulgar, vile, or even illegal work to be completed.

IF you are willing to delve into Buyer Requests, try to pick out just the very best requests posted with sane expectations, reasonable scope, and hopefully something better than sweatshop wages.

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