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When a buyer sends you a f you message

Where do I report this ? I have no idea

It seems you already did report what with the red “Reported” flag waving next to one of the choice comments.

Uhh, what exactly prompted such a response?

First, you should remove the photo since it shows the username of the buyer and this is against Fiverr Forum regulations.

Secondly, yes you should report it but I see you already did.

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I can’t freaking block this user.

people expect free consultancy. that’s what, and they get upset when you don’t provide it to them as it’s “part of the deal before they buy” :slight_smile:

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Well, as mjaninea mentioned, one cannot call out/expose specific users in the forum, so it would be a good idea to edit out the name in your pics.

Oh, and also the cuss words.