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When a client devalues your work and turns it into terrible nothing

I had such a case - the client gave the dimensions of the picture, gave the reference, I made a sketch, he approved it. I drew the whole picture. And then the edits began. And all the edits consisted in the fact that my picture got blurry, lost details, shadows were highlighted and the like. How do you feel about the fact that your work is done much worse and do not value your time?

Below is an example of my work: and what, in the end, the customer sees as the ideal for himself. Which picture do you like best?
My work:

Ideal for client


I like the softness of the bottom image. The top one is too stark/bright for my taste.


Okay. This style exists. But in this style, you need to initially draw from the very beginning. Because a lot of time is spent on details. And in the end they are all blurred. For example, you can tell from the picture below what exactly comes out of the pot? And why is it the same tone as the grass?

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The ‘client ideal’ looks more like watercolor or colored pencil, and if they wanted that, fine, but they should have told you up-front. There is a… softness to it, that makes it feel like something from an old, faded and discolored, yellowed, well-loved and worn book where the binding is failing.

But if their brief wanted bright colors with clear edges, then they got what they paid for in the first one.


My husband is a master photographer. In photograph “blurred” is called soft focus and many clients like it. Especially those with wrinkles to hide! :wink:

Exactly. There was nothing in the brief except a picture painted in Oil like reference and size final picture. I noted that my style is different. Choose from my gigs which one you like best. He chose this one. He also calls it “pastel”. Which also looks far from the truth. I understand that the client may not understand this, but was it really difficult to say that he needed a blurry pastel stylization. I would have spent 2 times less time. And now we have bees merging into the background, green honey in pots, white spots instead of flowers.

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What is the name of the blurring of everything that you see in the picture? I would not like to have a defocused face in documents)

Is there a reason the honey could not have been more golden in the softer version?

It’s also called the bokeh effect. Some people love it. Some people hate it.

Both pictures look wonderful compared to some of the recent horror show images buyers have posted on the forum of being swindled when compared to seller gig sample images.


I don’t know why this happened. In my blurred version, the honey was yellow. There were even glints of light on it. Then the client blurred STILL (I think three times more) and added a texture, perhaps the texture had its own color.

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I like the smoothness of the bottom, but the color of the top.

So… summarized: they chose the wrong gig? That happens annoyingly often.

But here you can see that this is not professional processing and there is no bokeh here. but solid blur. normal photo processing to give artistic should not change colors as far as I understand. And here is green honey and other delights.

What deceptions are you talking about? is there a link?

This is because people do not look at the profile of the person they are writing to. For example, they often write to me - Make me a logo. but I don’t have a single logo, it’s not mentioned anywhere that I do design. I don’t know why this is happening.

Now, that I might be able to provide a hint of an answer on: Story time for logo designers

I read the story - and everything is simple - people who want a logo for 10 dollars also write to me. And I have to send them several concepts in color before ordering. And also provide endless edits)

No, you don’t.

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Of course, I shouldn’t) I’m talking about their requests) I tell them the price for one version of the logo and they leave)

Here are 2 recentish examples of buyers receiving horrible/misleading images.

Okay. Good. VERY good. If they can’t accept your limits, then moving on is the best thing to do (maybe even consider blocking). I’m very glad to know you have boundaries and that you stick to them.