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When a client is surprised that you want to be paid for your time

So, I have a buyer who keeps saying that he doesn’t like to haggle but every time he asks for extra work and I tell him what the additional cost would be, he says that he’s ‘surprised’ that I have to charge him more.

Grrrrr. And he keeps talking about establishing long term relationship like he’s dangling a freaking carrot.

I sent him a message today, explaining (as politely as I could) that I would be spending 7-8 hours on a project that I usually complete in 4, and that means I have to charge more. I also mentioned Fiverr’s TOS because he seemed to think that asking for a revision lets him ask for more work as well. And that’s not what revisions are for!!

The dude decided to get offended that I brought up the TOS when HE was trying to establish a long term working relationship. He said, and I quote: “some audios might require more time than others, but it balances out in the long term.”

NO. No, it doesn’t my dude! I spend a maximum of 4 hours on the gig he ordered, and I ALREADY spent 4.5 on it! I’ve worked on two of his episodes before, and they ALL take more than 4 hours to edit.


This is extremely frustrating because I do like working on his podcast (he has some really smart guests) and as I understand it, he’s a businessman. Shouldn’t he know that time has value? Or does that only pertain to himself?


The only clients I have who are regulars have never once asked for discounts or tried to woo me with the idea of regular work. They just place orders. By comparison, the first thing I do now when people promise regular work in messages, is tell them I don’t offer regular work on Fiverr. All my experiences were that bad.


I don’t want to work with this client ever again after this. He manages to make me feel shitty for charging extra for extra work. I have enough social anxiety over confrontations. Buyers like this just make me so mad that I can’t function for the next few hours. He agreed to the gig extra, but made it very clear that he thought I should have done the work for the original price. I just… gah. I can’t even. This is the last time. I don’t think I’d be able to stay polite the next time and then I’ll get an awful rating. :face_with_head_bandage:


I try, as politely and professionally as possible, to remind these buyers that this theory wouldn’t wash in ANY other business, so why would it work here on Fiverr? As crude as it might be to simplify, if I ordered a cheeseburger from McDonalds for 99p, then looked at the guy behind the counter and said “pah, you’d think you’d give me some free fries”, they’d laugh me out of the place. If I got a builder to refit my kitchen, only to turn around as they’re packing up their van and say “I thought you’d at least OFFER to do my bathroom”, I’d probably get a punch.

The relationship here on Fiverr is purely transactional. “I will do xxx in exchange for $xxx.” If you’ve done whatever ‘xxx’ might be, don’t feel at all guilty when the buyer wants to add ‘xyz’ to the list.

It’s weird, I’ve never understood this phrase. It’s not one I would EVER say to a seller. I find it arrogant in the extreme, as though it’s said with the belief that our little faces light up when we read the words, and we spend the rest of the evening skipping around our flat in excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, we have multiple long-term clients, and we’re super appreciative of them. But long-term relationships are supposed to form organically, not because you wanted to try and make it happen. They happen because the buyer is super happy with the seller, and the seller is super-happy to keep receiving work from the buyer.

Ironically, the ones who say they want a long-term relationship are usually the ones least-deserving of it…


He sounds like a nightmare. This takes some practice with very VERY professional and cold communications.

It becomes an art form how you communicate. In this case I would let him know in no uncertain terms but unemotional terms that since you can’t come to agreements on how much you should be paid that he select one of the other fine sellers the next time he needs work done.


I think you’ll be very wise to let him go - clients like that are NOT clients you’d ever want to have a long term relationship with anyway :wink: He is not just costing you the extra 4 hours unpaid work, but probably another 4 hours (or MORE) or unpaid anxiety/frustration/stress/general angst…


I can’t imagine having a client who argues with me about how much I’m charging but at the same time is trying to lure me with the promise of being a long term customer, as if that makes me quiver with eagerness to keep dealing with him. That’s called “future promising” and is a highly manipulative tactic.
Any time someone does this I hope to end all contact.