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When a client tells you that you cannot charge that amount

Regarding the pandemic situation, I reduced my prices to my regular customers that own local companies in the period of time when my country was in a state of emergency, to contribute and help them to keep producing content at a friendliest price.

The state of emergency ended and everyone is trying to get back to normal. Recently, I received a message from one of those clients asking a quotation and I sent it with my regular price. The client claimed about the price. I gave context and explained everything. The client said that I could not charge more because in that case I’m taking advange on people, when it’s right the opposite. Unfortunatelly, I had to say goodbye to that client and giving him a negative answer.

I’m sharing this with the community because I believe that we can learn with other sellers experiences and I’ve learned lots of things here and it’s my time to contribute. What I’ve learned with this was:

  • Be careful about giving discounts on people - In this case I always charged the regular amount and just because I made a discount at a very specific situation I ruined everything, because my client didn’t want to understand;
  • At this type of platforms, most of the times, buyers order accordingly with the price and, if they will get a chance to claim to pay less, they will do it, for sure, so it’s better that you not give a chance for that to happen.

And when a client tells you that you cannot charge that amount… Yes, you can! It’s your business, your time and your skills. So, stay strong!

I wish lots of sales to everyone. :four_leaf_clover:


You did right, because clients who try to make you work at a very cheap price often turn out to be frauds or if they aren’t they will demand you so much revisions that won’t be any good for you investing more hours in the project even when you’re already doing it at a cheaper price

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I think it depends on the kind of client. There will always be clients like these for whom budget is the main criteria, but I also have clients who have paid me more each subsequent time I’ve worked with them because they value my work and tip me frequently as well. You should only lower your prices if it’s for a charity or if you have absolutely no work coming in in my opinion. Otherwise, it gets really hard to justify your actual rates later on.

One trick to avoid such a situation is that when you give them a discount, TELL THEM that you’re giving a discount and what it would usually charge.This way it looks like a favor from your end rather than your standard rate. Good luck!


Yes, great option, would surely use it for my future clients

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Thank you. I always do that, but this time it didn’t work. I guess that the client was simply focused on getting the best price. I had a few clients who also sent tips regarding the quality of my work, but that doesn’t happen with most of the orders, in my experience.

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your thinking is right

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