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When a customer wants to cancel with no reason

Hi there,

so I just received an order and then the buyer contacted me saying - I changed my mind and straight want to cancel the order…because he found another cheaper/faster service…

What do you do in that case? Do you cancel it or deliver it? As I find it fo unfair and frustrating when this happens…

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don’t cancel the order yourself ! contact cs and the’ll cancel it without effecting to your cancellation rate

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I did not cancel and delivered the order so waiting to see what happens…

did buyer sent a cancellation request?

Yes he sent immediately after making the order

contact customer support :slight_smile: if he said he need to cancel maybe
He will send a negative rating

in the past I had the same thing happen to me, created the order then wanted to cancel it right after. After delivering the order, they left a bad review saying something like ‘seller did not want to cancel order’. As said above, contact customer support, that would be your option in the future.

They will cancel it without this affecting my rating for sure?

If you contact support, it shouldn’t hurt your stats.

EDIT: if they cancel through the resolution center, it will hurt your stats.

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It is not a guarantee. As of right now, Fiverr CS still maintains that your order cancellation % WILL be affected for any cancellation, irrespective of the reason for cancellation. However, there’s a slim chance? IDK. Better not to give the OP false hopes. :slight_smile:

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Really? I was able to cancel to cancel a order about 2 months ago and cs told me it won’t hurt my stats. Has something changed?

no :slight_smile: it will the same if the reason on buyer’s

The outcome of an order cancellation affecting your stat. varies on a case by case basis. What was true in your particular case may not necessarily hold true in the OP’s case.


Isn’t it time for Fiverr to change these order cancelations punishments?

Cancelations happen for so many reasons, it is not fair for the seller to keep suffering because of it…

Like this buyer for example - “I changed my mind”…

Thank you, I wrote them not through the resolution center

I will update if my cancelation rate change after cancelation

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