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When a deliver show is late

hey I working buyer order and delivery my order in time but my buyer send me modification request and I will do that change but my buyer always change the project and send me to modification… is it gong to count late delivery. here is showing me in order list delivery time


Hi @perfectminhaj
No worries…,
As long as you send the project before deadline at the first time, the rest won’t affect your delivery rate. Some of client is very busy, and they can’t thoroughly check your delivery, so they just click the revisions and send you the detail later.


but showing my order list is ldelivery time

it will not effect your delivery time.

but it showing order page now

yes, if its showing late on order page, it’ll effect on time delivery standard .

it not my fault the client need always change his disitioon

yes, it happens, you can simply ask the client to increase the order time, when he’ll extend the delivery date your problem will be solved. its the best way!