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When a "nice" buyer turns nasty!

(Also posted on Reddit but I’m so angry I felt I needed to share here as well].

Basically, I’m a book editor. I usually send a document showing all changes and one showing changes accepted (as a courtesy - some people like to go through each edit, some people accept the final version). This buyer said they’d let me know when to send the ‘clean’ versions as they need feedback from their authors, okay, that’s fine, but we also agreed I’d send them through messages rather than leaving the order open as a modification (also because I was afraid they’d cancel!).

Not spoken since our last messages (where she said she’d still send me work). Then today, this absolute shitshow.

I’m fuming right now. Like, actually fuming. I have already reported her to Fiverr and I’m considering blocking her as she still continues to send these messages.

(When she said the part about being a VP of a F500 company and would speak to the CEO of Fiverr I almost replied “LMAO”).

FYI the first message as author’s name, so it’s blanked out.
capture 1

capture 4


Personally I’d not be making personal comments about attitude - my own version of “you’re annoying” is “thank you for your input - I’ll certainly bear it in mind”. I mean, passive aggression is a whole lot less warning invoking than outright hostility.

However, I agree, the client was a nightmare …


I deeply feel for you. Yikes! This is horrifying…

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The client was a nightmare but you also got passive aggressive and personal. Getting personal never helped anyone.
If it goes to this kind of situation you’d better keep it completely unemotional and reply only facts about the order transaction.


Can absolutely feel it. Horrifying experience

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A VP of a Fortune 500 company throwing tantrums like a 5 year old. What self respecting adult uses phrases like “you are very nasty”? Once I had a trouble client, and I told him as politely as I could that I no longer wanted to work with him, to which he responded that he knows the CEO of Fiverr, that he is a multi billionaire and famous worldwide and “Don’t worry dear Poland is in my reach”. No idea what he meant with that last one, but luckily I was not living in Poland that time haha