When a seller declines to deliver


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next regarding an order that is more than 3 days late? I filed a dispute to give the seller time to respond followed by another broken promise. I then filled to receive a refund in which the seller declined to accept. Now not getting any responses back.

It’s not about the money, its about someone having the integrity to deliver a service when he/she says. Feeling very frustrated at this point.


If you can’t come to an agreement with the seller, the next step is to submit a ticket to Customer Support, explain them what happened, and ask for their help (the most likely outcome is that they will cancel the order for you and refund you).

You can submit a ticket to CS here: https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


hello @jsakalis

@catwriter gave you a great advise. Get help.

Good Luck


Sounds good. Thanks for the replies and support


I had a problem like this with a gig that I have cancelled.

I ordered the gig on Aug 3 and it was to be completed in four days, Aug 7. It was to promote children’s books on different sites with the proof of links to the ads.Then they were to run for a couple days. On the morning of the 9th, he asked me to do a review on the gig because Fiverr timeline was running out, and he said that he would have the links for me that day. I trusted him to keep his word so I did give him a review. Then he turned into a nightmare. On the 9th I was in a panic because my company was all over me because of this guy not completing the gig.

I asked him for the links over and over again. He refused to give them to me he said that it was a business secret. I told him that the links would show the ad when clicked on and that I needed proof of the ad. He sent a partial link to me that when clicked took me to my page. I told him that I needed a link to the ads that he was placing. I made it very clear. He refused and sent me a screen shot of google traffic page. This means nothing to me because I have been running promotions on this product all week. I asked again for the proof of the ads placements. None were provided so I cancelled the order. It was a $65 order.

I cancelled the order and requested three times from support the full refund. There is no proof that he placed ads. I have explained it over and over again to support. Then this afternoon, support said that he requested that I take down my links so that he could prove that he placed the ads. I repeated the whole thing to support again. I have requested the money back for lack of proof of any ads that he said that he was placing for the products.

Good luck with your situation. I think that there should be a better way to check these people out before you go into agreement with them. What do you think?