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When a seller delivers in more than 24 hours he can\'t change to express delivery

If a seller delivers a gig in over 24 hours he can’t change to express delivery of 24 hours.

I don’t know if this is a bug or a new feature. I’ve had a few gigs set to 2 days delivery and now am not able to change to 24 hour express delivery. That option is no longer available on these gigs.

Even though I reset these gigs to 1 day delivery I can’t notify sellers I will deliver in 1 day, can’t offer express delivery in 24 hours, and the notification on the gig still says
"2 days average delivery".

This is just a heads up that if you ever want to offer express 24 hour delivery, do not ever switch to 2 days or more.

Now that I think about it, I’ve probably seen nearly a dozen posts on this going back years. I don’t think anyone ever definitively reporting being able to get express tagged after it’s lost. Here’s the thread I best remembered because of the one-shot comment:

Good memory you have! I have never been late, just set my gigs to 2 days.
It seems odd that now I can’t have 24 hour delivery ever again. I’m not sure if that little tag “express 24 hour delivery” is forever gone or not. I’m also not sure if or when my gigs will ever say 1 day delivery at the top.

I have always set my gigs for 2 days when orders piled up and set them back to 1 day without a problem and they announced at the top 1 day delivery but now they stay on 2 days delivery.

Same to me what should I do?

There is nothing you can do except keep delivering in 24 hours. Eventually the system may show you are delivering in 1 day.

I know that if you’re late, you can’t set it back. But now you intentionally set a longer time and then can’t switch back? We’re human, not machine, we can’t offer 24hs express for all 365 days. Even robots need time for maintenance.

I agree!

I have always changed my delivery times back and forth from 24 hours to 2 or 3 days. But after spending a week delivering orders in 2 or 3 days then setting those gigs back to 1 day, it still is showing 2 days average delivery time on those gigs.

And since I now have those gig set to 1 day, I can’t offer a 24 hour extra.