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When a seller marks work as complete but hasnt delivered?

Hi everyone! Quite new to Fiverr, but basically I’ve requested a custom order from this seller who told me they would need 2 days to complete the task (The task can be completed in 5-10 min). Anyhow when following up on the status of the work, he replied saying he had been busy but due to maintaining his Fiverr rating level he marked the work as ‘Complete’ but hasnt delivered. I have already accepted and processed funds through the order at the beginning of the deal so now, being a day late and still no work received, with me following up and no answers, I would like to cancel the work and withdraw funds. Any ideas on how I can approach this? I’m quite frustrated as I’m paying a decent amount for an easy task.


Yes, just cancel the order.

It does happen sometimes that a Fiverr seller has some emergency come up and they cannot finish in their normal delivery time however they should let you know ahead of time if that is ok with you or offer to cancel the gig.

Just cancel the gig. That’s really no excuse for a seller to do that, and you may want to report that seller to Customer support to let them know as I wonder if that seller does it often.

Also, while you can cancel the order, the funds will get credited to your Fiverr account, they will not go back to your credit card or paypal account, just so you know.