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When a seller offers 100% satisfaction , what exactly does that mean

When a seller offers 100% satisfaction , what exactly does that mean? You have already paid for the Gig to begin the work.

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If in doubt, ask the seller before ordering; everyone has a slightly different policy. For example, I offer unlimited “tweaks” (minor changes that don’t mean redoing the work). Some sellers won’t revise their work at all. Some will start it totally from scratch. Many sellers will also be willing to adjust their policies to your gig.


It usually means that if you are not completely satisfied with the work, the seller is willing to give you a refund. What that means is you agree for a mutual cancellation and you get your money back.

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That’s only a cliche to attract your attention. Pay attention to the description to see whether the seller has explained that, otherwise you shall message the buyer for clarification.

This means the seller is willing to do revisions. I do revisions if the buyer asks me to. I never say “No revisions”. Many sellers make that mistake. They won’t get future business from this buyer or high ratings if the seller doesn’t work with the buyer. But the buyer has to be willing to pay a higher price to work with such sellers. This will result in mutual satisfaction at both ends.

You are asking the wrong people…ask the seller. Good chance it may mean something different depending on the country the seller is from. Usually in the states it means that if you are not satisfied they will refund you.

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I think they mean they will try to modify the work as much as it takes to make you happy!

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