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When a seller post as a buyer

Hi Everyone,
What’s up? Recently I noticed that i got some offer what was sent form a seller. Even, I personally know a seller who post an offer. He even don’t need the service.
I just want to know, what should i do if i face the fake buyer.? How could i always justify that he is a real buyer?
Please help me. Thanks🙂


How do you know this?

Tip number five: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


No such thing. Either someone is a buyer or a scammer.


Cause i personally know him

Then don’t take on the work. If you know him, then he might be trying to guilt you into ‘returning the favor’ of giving you a sale, which is against the ToS.

And if you know him, why not ask him? If you don’t know him well enough to be comfortable in asking such a question, then you probably don’t trust him much, anyway.


Thanks for your advice