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When am i gonna get my money?


it says pending clearance? what does that mean? when am I gonna get the money to my account?


haha. thank you guys so much. I get it. wow! so hard to get some gas money to my wallet! lol


Reply to @bigbadbilly: thanks. trying to get some gas money, but obviously it is so hard to put the none into my wallet.


There’s a 14-17 day hold on earnings. They say 14 day. But, if the person doesn’t mark the gig complete, and it auto-completes in 3 days… it ends up being 17 days.

But. 2 weeks after you complete the gig, payment is made available.


Yes you have to wait 14-17 days so ask your buyer to complete it buy rating your order


“There is a 14 day “clearance” time between when your gig was marked as “Complete” by the buyer and when you will receive the money in your Fiverr balance; this is to make sure there is satisfaction between the buyer and seller on the order. Sometimes it may take an extra day or two, so be patient. To withdraw, go to “Sales”>“Revenue” where you can then withdraw your money IF the above has been finished. If you have any further issues, contact Customer Support . - See more at:


@mclabz and @artworkking

Holy smokes guys. Trying to get that post count up? I already wrote exactly what you wrote. I would think he only had to read the same post once.



I wish Fiverr had “D*mn Quick Revenue” feature so that we’d have never waited for long and exhausting 14 days anymore.


You’ll get used to the wait.