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When an offer is not a genuine offer!


I have a job to have my website redeveloped.
I have been in touch with a number of developers that made an offer.
It seems that most of them change their offer once I am about to order!
Is this how it is meant to work?
Why don’t they honour their original offer?


No, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. It would be ONLY applicable in ONE instance. For e.g, a buyer posts a request on "Buyer’s Request, but not ALL the requirements have been posted along with a budget NOT being posted.

So if I am responding to such request, I generally ask the buyer what are their requirements and for the price of the gig, I usually state the price of a SINGLE action item or the BASE price of the gig. Asking the buyer to DISCUSS the order BEFORE placing it.

The rest of the actions being done by dubious sellers are not of good intentions I believe, and it is sad that they are behaving as such.


No, it is not how it’s supposed to work. In all honesty, that’s extremely unprofessional. This is why I recommend not taking a quote upfront but rather providing the seller full details in your first private message and asking how much they will charge.


That’s confusing.

Once they have sent a custom offer, you can simply click on ‘accept order’ on whatever price and terms was agreed in that offer. The seller cannot change that offer (they can withdraw it, but not change it)


Maybe I am not understanding the process properly.


I think she meant when they discuss the specifics or talk about the project they raise the prices or try to upsell services which should be part of the original services offered.


Maybe that’s because the seller finds out that the requirement of the buyer requires more effort than what is being offered in a standard gig.

If someone offers a logo for 5$, they should very well sell it for 5$, but if the buyer says “I need a new logo put up my site”, that’s a logo design gig, plus uploading (logging into whatever content management system they are using, finding the code, removing the old logo, replacing it with the new logo, making it fit in the HTML placeholders). That’s extra work. If it’s a landing page with no CMS, that’s even more work. That’s when the seller may renegotiate their prices to match the efforts required to deliver it. This is the reason the custom offer feature was offered by Fiverr in the first place, so that the work reflects the remuneration.

They can make as many offers they want based on their understanding of what they expect to be paid, but it is up to the buyer to ‘shake on it’ or not. Everyone has the right to negotiate their prices to work out a deal which works for both, this includes sellers and buyers. No one can ‘change’ an offer once both parties have agreed.

cc @perthresumesrus


@perthresumesrus maybe you should specify the budget in your request and also mention that only those willing to work in this budget need to apply, others please excuse ?


I’ve had this exact problem repeatedly and it is annoying. It can go from $5 to $80 in split second.
What I do is CANCEL immediately. Leave THEM hanging. Next time, they might think twice before jacking up the price.


I got it. But buyers do that as well.

Buyer Request : I need a simple URL on my site to be hidden behind a layer of password.

Seller’s thought : Okay, I need to add password protection for 1 URL. Easy peasy. Sends offer.

Buyer Replies : Thanks for your 5$ offer, I am using MemberShipProXYZ Ver 2.0 software on my custom PHP Codigniter platform, based on MongoDB database, the URL is a dynamic resource fetched from the database using AJAX. I need it to be integrated in my CMS and protected by a password such that people should only be able to access it after they’ve paid for it. The payment button needs to support Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Escrow, Bitcoin. The whole website needs to be mobile responsive and smell like unicorns.

Seller renegotiates offer to reflect the amount of work required to complete it, based on the new data which the buyer submitted which had no traces of it in their original request.

Buyer complains that seller has jacked up price.