When an order will take longer than average


I’m new here and and just received an order for something that will take a little longer than my maximum delivery time. The customer asked me to order something I’ll need for the job, wait for it to arrive and THEN complete the task. How will this affect my rating? Is there anything I can do to extend delivery time without increasing customer’s price?


Just explain to the buyer and ask for more time if needs be, also communicate whats happening so the buyer is informed.


Yes, buyer is fully aware. However, I am worried about ratings and reputation. Will something show up on my profile that will tell new clients that I am slow? I’m actually quite fast. I work on tasks as they come up so usually finish within a few hours.


Maybe you should modify your gig description. You cannot mark the order as delivered because it is against the rules. You need to bump up your delivery time. If you are late with your delivery you will automatically receive a negative feedback from the system I believe. I would suggest to agree to a mutual cancellation and then sending the client a custom offer in which you bump up your delivery time. Other users might have different views on that though…


I’ve recently had a slew of late deliveries, 4-5, most were understood to take longer by the buyer, 1-2, I just screwed up. I’ve kept a close eye on my ratings and rankings, there has been no effect. My average delivery time has stayed the same as have my rankings. It seems like late deliveries only hurt if it results a in a negative review. I did learn something though, for late deliveries, buyers receive emails from fiverr reminding them that it’s late and making it very easy to cancel. A buyer shared this with me:

Dear Buyer,

We noticed that heyjoe421 is taking longer than expected to deliver their work.

We recommend that you contact the seller and check on the progress.

You can contact the seller or cancel your order here: click here.


The Fiverr Team

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, unless I have no idea what I’m talking about.


You could also send in a custom quote to the buyer with a more accurate delivery time on it.


May I ask what kind of gig this is? What kind of product do you have to order so that you can do the gig?

Is this for a product review of some kind? I notice you have a product review gig, but you should be aware that paid reviews on Amazon and other third party sites are prohibited. So since you are new, you need to make sure that what you are doing is legit. Sometimes buyers that are up to no good, or scammers will target newbies.

How much is the gig for? If you have to wait for something to arrive that means it’s a physical product, right? You aren’t giving the buyer your direct contact info are you? Just trying to makes sure that this doesn’t wind up giving yo more problems than it’s worth.