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When and How to Block a Buyer?

You know when a buyer just makes all of your warning lights start flashing?

Back in December, someone contacted me asking for samples. I explained why I do not give away free samples, but let this person know that they are welcome to order a test article. They did and things were OK. I say Ok, as they needed a revision that really wouldn’t have been necessary if they provided a more detailed brief. Then, they were one.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and this person messaged me asking for a quote for 30+ articles. I let them know that I don’t take large orders like this. The maximum number of articles I write is 6 per customer, as per my premium gig package.

The buyer says this is fine, then asks me how much I will charge. Then they flip to being a rude pain in the A. It started with "what, no discount?"

Then after I clarified that my premium gig package includes a discount an that I take away over 40% less after commission, taxes, etc, the buyer came back with: "you are not the only writer on Fiverr or the only person in the world who pays taxes."

At this point, I really wasn’t interested in working with this person. However, before I could reply, they ordered my premium package directly.

I knew from the start that this order wasn’t going to go smoothly, and it didn’t. First, the buyer asked for a revision a few minutes before the order would have automatically completed. In this, they accused me of not adding links citing my sources and in a very thinly veiled way, accused me of plagiarism.

This was ironic, as on their original test order, they had asked me to remove links.

I redelivered and three days later, the order automatically completed. Then last night, the buyer messaged me to say that some of their files are missing. This is blatantly untrue. Their order was delivered twice and all the files delivered are still available for download on their order page.

I decided right then that I would send the supposedly missing files, but then block this person. Their entire demeanor stinks. However, before I could finish replying, they go and place another order for 6 more articles.

Would you do that? Accuse someone of plagiarism and not delivering your full order, only to then order again? - I know I wouldn’t.

My paranoid brain is also saying that this person knows exactly what they are doing. i.e. Using buzzwords so that at some point in the future, they can take some manufactured excuse for a refund to CS.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way I can get rid of them. I can’t block them while I have an active order with them. Neither can I block them until I deliver their next order and they mark it as complete. Even then, though, I could block them and they could use a ‘missing files’ accusation with CS to get their order refunded.

Any ideas?


I’d send ‘missing files’ via the inbox, all polite, with an explanation that downloading all the files from the order page works fine for me, I’ve just tested it 3 times, but just in case that it doesn’t work for them, there are the files, I’m guessing that they’ve got them already and are fully satisfied, otherwise they wouldn’t place a new order for the most expensive package, but just in case, there are the files, blah blah blah.

I’d also make screenshots of the delivery page plus the inbox page, both with all the files. If the buyer confirms that they did get the files, I’d make a screenshot of that, too.

Then I’d deliver the new order, and hope for the chance to block them.

I’d also consider contacting CS with the screenshots, explain that everything was delivered to the buyer, and tell them that I fear buyer might be less than honest and preparing for a cancellation (or 5) down the road, which would also cost Fiverr money. That way,if the buyer does contact them later, they’d be (hopefully) already aware of the situation.


Yeah, I’ve done this.

I’m thinking that the best thing to do might be to deliver their next order, then as soon as it completes, double the price of my premium gig. That way, they will be forced to contact me to ask what is going on. Then I can block them.

Or I can tell them that I am going on vacation and my gigs won’t be available for a few weeks. Then block them. :thinking:


I’ve had people order over and over again for months while being horrible. They see you are willing to communicate excessively with them I think and take advantage of that.

Now I try to not be very communicative when the hint of them being difficult sets in. They thrive on the forced communication you have to do with them.


Or they will just order anyway, especially if they plan for 5 cancellations (or chargebacks).

And while I’m at it; I know people order from me after seeing me on the forum so here is my little mention of that. If you are difficult or need to communicate excessively with someone about your life or situation, I’m not the one for that.

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Probably this, from a “help make this world a better place by not entertaining rude people” as well as spidey senses point of view, would have been the right time to block already.

In reality, of course, probably most of us are decent enough to not judge, condemn and block people “on first sight/message” and only block once they really get mean, because some of them might just have a diagonally opposed personality and/or sense of humour but without be(com)ing mean. But well, when they do become mean and order before you can block, or the block doesn’t work, what can you do …

This takes us back to the “let us approve orders”/give us a couple of “get out of order completion rate jail cards” suggestions, I guess.

Oh, and to the “How much time after an order that you delivered to a person you wish to block do you have to wait to block them” question.

I’m not sure, my personal idea is 14 days after order completion, to honour Fiverr’s “security period”, in case that person wants to chat about their past order - ideal would be if you could block people from just ordering right away but not from messaging for such cases.


I rarely have people mention anything about discounts. So if someone does that it jumps out at me like a huge flag. I have several things like that. It’s remarkably consistent. The main one I get is messages that start out with (always from new accounts) “I’ve been scammed a lot.”
These are two passive-aggressive messages. They show an adversarial attitude.

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Well, I am newbie to Fiverr and you seem to be experienced enough. Is option “Accept order / not accept order” available to seller? Do not get me wrong, I have not got any order yet.

No, it isn’t. And it’s unlikely that it will become available, because it would change how Fiverr is meant to work.

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I had something similar happen to me recently, where a Buyer who was being belligerent about wanting revisions after an order autocompletes (um hi, you can get your revision–just be responsible with your time) then wrote me and said, “Where is the revision? We want to put the website together and we are waiting on you” (after I had given the person a 2-sentence revision - only since it was very easy - in the chat box and let them know that was the last time).

I generally wait only the 10 days until the window for reviews closes rather than 14 (thankfully they did not review me, and they were a returning buyer too). I do not know what would happen if you block them before that window ends–I assume a super-bad review. However, in this case I did contact CS to explain the situation and “warn” them that this person may be trying to blackmail me; of course, there was no active order at that point. CS responded encouragingly and thanked me for letting them know.

I definitely agree with catwriter–this is the route you should go. In your place, I’d contact CS to protect the previous finished order and explain the manipulative nature of the situation, cancel the current order, and block them immediately. Seriously, this is an example of what is really wrong with people who refuse to see humanity through a screen.


This is a fabulous idea!!

Block when you judge it’s necessary, yes, unfortunatly you have to complete the order to block someone.
I blocked 2 buyers:

-First one, was abusing of revisions to add extra work, when we were done he even contacted me agin for revisions then order as delivered, but I still accept to make some changes even once delivered and done, so each time he was asking for things, I did what he asked for, maybe he wasn’t aware but he really wasted my time and made me angry, he was looking to work with me in long term, but I blocked him because I feel it would have been the same everytime and I don’t need stress.

-Second one contacted CS against me and got it in the butt because he asked to edit a picture album with the background change, I’ve made his order in following intructions and when we were done he asked me to remove background of each of his 30 pictures then it would take days and order was done anyway, so it wasn’t my fault.

In your situation, you had to block him instantly when order was done and that you sent everything.

But actually there exist so many different kinds of work - it’s often impossible to guarantee you can do the work the buyer requested.

I just started and am already missing an “accept/decline order” button, since a very pressuring buyer orders all the time without my ok. :no_mouth:

Now I’m looking forward to maybe get a negative review because I don’t have time for this buyer anymore but he is pressureing me more and more.

So is it meant to be like we all are able to do everything a buyer requested?
Would doubt that. :neutral_face:

It would be so much easier to simply having an accept/decline button.

The only options which I have now is to set order queue to 0 or writing 900$ as price so no one will just place an order.

And I don’ like any of these options.

What I meant is that Fiverr is meant to work as browse-buy-done. That’s the idea behind it. And unless they decide to change the whole idea behind Fiverr, I don’t see them introducing accept/decline button, no matter how inconvenient it is for some sellers.