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When are the blind reviews going to end?

We had an announcement the blind reviews were going to end. I wonder when that’s going to happen?

That was October 16.

I also remember that the worst review in a 60 day period wouldn’t be counted.

I’m not sure if that meant in the evaluation at the 60 day mark, or in the general score such as making it 4.8 instead of 4.6.

These changes can’t come soon enough. We are all still struggling with this unworkable review system.


I don’t know, but my clients haven’t been leaving reviews and I haven’t been leaving reviews.


I had a run of them leaving reviews and now a week of them not leaving reviews. Anyway I am eager to have the blind review system end.

We need them to leave reviews for our analytics. Whatever change happened that causes them to not leave reviews also needs to stop.


I concur that the need for reviews for analytics is hurting some when client’s are not as willing to leave reviews. Luckily, I try and get my repeat customers to always leave a review but this is unsustainable in the long run as orders ramp up… also, HAVING to provide feedback to get feedback is totally broken.

The changes need to be rolled back or the analytics adjusted… but honestly, adjusting the analytics is less preferable to more reviews from happy customers.


Are you sure? As far as I read the announcement, it didn’t say they’ll end, just that our reviews for buyers eventually will end up on the buyer profiles and that we’ll be able to post a reply to a buyer’s review but nothing about the end of the blindness.


Now that I think about it, I never read that they would be ended either.


Well I don’t know how we would do that if the review was blind. I guess you mean that first we leave a review of the buyer, then get to see the review they left? Then we can respond? So complicated.

Why can’t they just put it back the way it was. It was fine that way.

Nothing should be “blind”!

And as long as they put the reviews back as they were, why not remove that “switch to selling” button we have to click to see our orders.

Why continue on this path to make things more and more difficult for sellers to the point of sellers tearing out their hair in frustration?

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Well, same as now, it’s only blind as long as you don’t review back/the 10 (or however many days it will be in the blind review process update) days are over and the review appears.
Only that currently, once the review appears on its own without you reviewing back, you’re out of luck, while after the update, you should be able to reply.

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Just leave it the way it was. Including the pop up that said the buyer just left a 5 star review.

Let us see the darn review when they leave it, and let us leave a response. No reason at all to mess that up like they did.

All the mek-sells saying we should be able to review buyers did this.


Yeah, well, I didn’t change it :wink: just explaining that the announcement wasn’t that the blind part of the blind reviews will end.


I hope it is gone FAST. I literally had the dumbest 2.5 star review ever because my gig says each basic gig is 500 characters and they claimed it was bad because “it could be more.” ???
I literally gave them more characters and information than they asked for. So lame.

Fiverr, when you get rid of the blind review, PLEASE give us sellers the chance to reconcile past reviews.

And ya’ll won’t stop hearing me ask for that feedback modification form! Thank you.


The update still isn’t updated. :frowning_face:

As far as for me, I could only blind review my buyer and it showed on the gig not on the buyer’s profile, neither I was able to leave a nice reply to my buyer so I had to make it through inbox :frowning_face:

Beyond that, what Fiverr didn’t specify is whether we could be able to reply our buyers without first leaving our blind reviewed of them. :thinking:


What is written with faded words in box where you write your review? I don’t remember the exact wording but it is something like “share your experience”.

Personally, I never looked at what is buyer’s review. That’s something happened to him during order. My job is to write what I have experienced. My regular buyer left me a 4.5Stars review just because outcome was not according to what his expectations and at the same time my experience was 5Stars because what i experienced with him was really deserving 5Stars. A buyer gave me 5Stars but mine was 3Stars due to what i experienced with him was deserving only 3Stars.

Be honest in your reviews, dont do like what fake people are doing to exchange 5stars only :slight_smile:

I am not here to rate buyers. Unless they are deliberately trying to get something free from me or harass me, I’m not going to say anything bad about them at all. I want people to see that they get a nice pleasant experience from me.

No one sees that except my buyers and potential buyers. What are they going to think if they see me harshly grading and berating my buyers?


Same as you want, they also want people to see what you have did for them. There should be no revenge as many buyers do. Instead of "1:star: to 1:star: n “5:star: to 5:star:” policy everyone should write his/her own experience honestly and to make this possible fiverr has introduced this new review system for sellers…