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When are you stopping work for Christmas?


I know some people don’t celebrate Christmas or consider it a ‘big’ event so will be resuming work as usual, but for those of you who do celebrate, when are you stopping work for Christmas? How much time are you taking off?

This is my first Christmas as a freelancer, and I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. I was originally going to work through Christmas, but I’ve got a lot of plans with friends and family so I’m going to have to rework things slightly.


Just because I want to get drunk and eat ( possibly slip into a food coma too),
I think I’ll go on OOO mode from the 23rd~ 25th.
Once that’s over, I think I’ll reactivate my gigs again.

From my own personal experience I’m not that busy during Christmas, so I’ll
just take it easy! :smiley:


I just put my profile into vacation status till January 4th :slight_smile: Which gives me 2 weeks and a a half of a break.

Here in Russia we don’t celebrate Christmas, only The New Year. But my fiancé is American and he’s coming over for Christmas, so I want to take a few weeks which won’t be disturbed by work and having to answer to messages if someone contacts me.

I generally think that 2 weeks vacation is fine and maybe even needed to start fresh. Especially if you care a lot about your stats and work a lot to keep it up. In my case, I am not actually going offline right this second since I still have orders to complete till the end of next week, but I want to avoid orders with automatic countdowns and potential cancellations.