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When Bad Buyer Affect Your Profile

New to here and bit of a newbie on Fiverr too, hi everyone!

I’ve completed a few gigs on here, and have a few more ordered too.

My question is why should a cancelled order affect the sellers completion rate when it is the fault of the buyer? Or why should a bad buyer reflect the rates on a good Fiverrs’ profile? This seems hardly justified.

I had someone place an order for a flyer which I delivered in 1 day instead of 3. The buyer gave me information, I included it all and the design was good. problem is that the buyer doesn’t know what he wants and kept wanting to change the colours to different theme colours (total of 5 times) which is just ridiculous. My gig states exactly what information I need to start the gig and he wouldn’t specify. He also mentioned that he had other flyer designs from other companies for the same project and just wanted to choose the best one.

This is a $10 flyer design. I am not interested in working for free on Fiverr.

Wondering why in situations like this one - why my profile should suffer / be penalised for bad buyers and why Fiverr does not protect the seller. Unpaid work is technically illegal.

There needs to be better systems in place from Fiverr protecting the seller in a more justified manner. We do the hard work on here and Fiverr takes 20% of what we earn - but what does Fiverr do in return?

Do you have any stories of bad buyers and how you handled the situation? Any tips on how to avoid bad buyers?

it does make it hard on Fiverr as you can’t really choose who you will work with as a buyer can just place an order anytime on the gig without asking you first.


Yes there are some buyer who do not know that what he/she wanted . For that you can write in your gig description /faq page to contact you before placing order .There are ups and downs everywhere .If you want to get the benefit you have to face the problems too. If you write clear description then I think it will decrease this type of situation .And fiverr is not telling you to sell your service at $10 .You can sell your service at how much you want .

If you have set unlimited revisons in your gig then you have do the changes till the buyer want .

You can not sell your service online easily .For that you need to market your services and that is very costly . Just marketing is not all thing you have to earn the trust of the peoples so that they can buyer from you . In fiverr you do not need to market your gigs. Fiverr is doing market of your services . You are getting 10 buyer request daily for free !.
Do you know on other platforms you have to buyer bids/connects to send proposal . I think fiverr is the best platform for the beginner.All platform will cut 20% . Then I do have any problem to give my 20% to fiverr because they are giving me more effort that the others

I do not think those are bad buyers . They are also human as us .
About three weeks ago I got an order of $5 . I have did that the buyer wanted and did the extra to make my buyer happy .After 7 days of completing the order the buyer again came and told me to do some changes . Again I did that for free. Again after one month he came and told me to do the changes and again I did that for free. Few day ago I got an order and the buyer told me to make a website . I have made as his reference and he told that he need something difference . I have changed until he stopped . I haven’t asked for any extra charge for the changes. After sending delivery I saw the buyer left $36 tip . Then I thought patient is the best thing .5 Days ago I got an order to redesign 17 pages in mobile version . Then I saw that the design of desktop version is not good .For that I have designed desktop + mobile version. And also designed more 3 pages for free.Again after sending delivery I saw that the buyer left $56 tip. I think buyer are also human .They are not villain …You have to discuss about the order and try to be friendly with buyers… Hope you will not feel frustrate …

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My service description is pretty clear and I’ve listed this in the gig too: Please contact to discuss before placing orders to check availability. I operate on AEST time.


  • Please ensure you have all details ready when placing an order to ensure smooth service.

+ Dimensions

  • Any text you would like.

  • Please ensure you provide any logos or images

  • Able to assist with content for brochures and magazines at additional cost.

The delivered works are provided in jpg, png or pdf files.
Ongoing care & service is provided within reason.

This buyer didn’t even know what he wanted, but it’s clear he is wasting Fiverr’s time on this platform when he hires multiple designers for the one project to choose the best one - obviously that means the other fiverrs do work for nothing and waste time.

This is what I’m pointing out. Fiverr is not a ‘competition’ platform. Buyers should not be allowed to hire multiple fiverrs for the exact same project.

Also, you are incorrect and there are lots of platforms to sell services online easily, not just Fiverr. Those platforms have better seller protection and don’t encourage this type of behaviour and charge less than 20% too.

I have worked on several platforms and I think fiverr is the best .

… May be I am wrong . Sorry for this …

I appreciate your input and response.

I think Fiverr is good as a platform, yes - but when you get buyers trying to hire multiple fiverrs for the same project to choose just one design - it spoils the experience for everyone and negatively affects a sellers profile too.

I’ve had three great buyers before this with no issue. I just think fiverr should place preventative measures for this sort of behaviour from buyers on the platform.

Thank you for your comments