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When buyer insists to cancel the contract


What to do when buyer force to cancel the contract & say bad words. I have already done his work but he says to cancel the contract. What is about my hard work?


Hi if you have done the required work which u mention and buyer is still using bad words and want the refund . Then contact with " Fiverr Support Team " with screens shorts and explain everything to them . They will look deeply this matter and will help you


If it’s the sale you mentioned earlier here on the forum where you had to deliver 12.5K organic(!!!) visitors to a website within 2(!!!) days, I hardly can imagine that the buyer is to blame, as this is an impossible task.


some people ask for very crazy stuff for 5 bucks and funny enuff some people offer to take of it for them. #smh


Best thing I read a long time “some people ask for very crazy stuff for 5 bucks”, too funny and too real, don’t sell your sould for $5


Same here. No way other than cancelling


You can take screenshots of the bad words and send them to customer support. Then just ignore him since you do not need to answer anyone who is rude and says bad words.

If you have done the work you do not have to cancel the sale. Customer support will help you if it is as you say.


I only accept orders that i can afford , when a buyer asks for " crazy stuff " for a lower price i directly ask to cancel , i value my work , don’t want any negative feedback either


Useful suggestion. Thanks


Before you contact CS, do ensure what you delivered is “as described.” Then forward your case to them with the screenshot of the bad words.


Right suggestion. Thanks. Its a helpful suggestion for me also. Thanks again.