When buyer is a school teacher?


When buyer is a school teacher it is hard for him to give 5 star.
They think they buy you by 5 dollar.
Don’t give you proper script or guideline .
after getting video they say i don’t want this but don’t say clearly what they really wanna to see.
after getting 2-4 time revision they send a video and say i want my video like this.
Spammer buyers then threat to give you 1star .
it is really very very irritating for sellers.

  • give proper script.

proper guideline


similar example video .


Isn’t that a little bit of a generalization you’re putting out there? Not all teachers are complicated customers. That simply depends on the personality of the buyer and how well you understand what they are asking for in my opinion.


Well, I would suggest that you at least mention those things in your Gig, so that potential buyers know what they need to prepare beforehand :wink:

And what you described isn’t the behavior of a spammer (the way you described it is more like a scammer, yet I doubt that buyer is a scammer without knowing the whole story, especially if you say they’re a teacher, and as far as I know teachers have self respect and know how to treat & deal with people, that’s why they teach)

So if I were you, I would refrain myself from naming someone a spammer/scammer/etc. just because you haven’t told them beforehand that you need a similar example video or proper scripts (again, assuming you haven’t told them any of that in your gig instructions either)

My advice: mention those three things in your gig description,mention them in your gig video, mention them again in your gig instructions and ask the info you need to avoid such misunderstandings and confusions, and by doing so you’ll even have Fiverr’s back to assist you in case of trouble.


I mentioned it in my gigs description and asking for related file or script via message .
But … …


I can’t find any of that on your gig description…

I don’t see any mention of preparing a “proper script”, I don’t see any mention of “proper guidelines”, nor any mention of “provide similar example video”…

And asking for the info via message is troublesome - the info should be provided via your gig instructions, and the gig instructions should be properly thought out to get all the info you need from the buyer without you asking them.


I think meeting the need of the buyers should be the priority of every seller, they know what they want and you want to give it to them


You r right :thinking: :thinking:


Oh dear - I’m sorry you’ve had a hard time with teachers, but better not make sweeping statements?

I was a teacher for nearly 30 years, and I promise I’m a perfect client - I may not be the only current/former teacher around here. Such a shame you don’t like dealing with teachers! :wink:

Note to self - names have been taken! :grinning:


As a Teacher myself, I would say that we appreciate high quality work in general because we have high expectations. That does not mean that all teachers expect cheap things and are difficult.


Then I hope you will experience it sooner


Care to clarify? What should @offlinehelpers experience sooner?


Take a note book and write I will try harder next time 500 times. :woman_teacher:


I understand your frustration, especially when you feel you are doing your best work. Maybe be more clear in your revision rules.


I too am an educator of 30 plus years, and I do not agree with the generalization that @russel116 made about teachers. By this kind of reasoning, I could say that if I see ten blue eyed kindergartners, then that means all kindergarteners are blue eyed. I think we can agree that all kindergarteners are not blue eyed! We also know ALL teachers are not as @russel116 described.

I am sorry you had a bad experience with a teacher. But not all educators are bad apples.



Hhhh i’m a teacher lol


This was my favorite of all the elementary, library classics. As I recall it went like this:

When buyer is a school teacher - they will ask for a classroom.

If you give a teacher a classroom - they will ask for students.

If you give a teacher students - they will ask for a chalk board.

If you give a teacher a chalk board, they will want to decipher Kant - but the school board will be against this…so they’ll spend three months on the Odyssey again.

If they have to talk about the Odyssey - they will fall asleep.

If they fall asleep - the class will play on iphones.

The iphones will inspire the students to live at home unusually long like their social media heroes.

So, the students will stop attending due to not needing careers…

…and the teacher will need another classroom.

Awww, the childhood memories. Man, who has the overwhelming urge for a cookie?


Yeah, tell me about it!


The buyer can be anyone from a student to the president of an insurance company, you’d be surprised. The experiences will vary. You can’t exactly profile your clients, you won’t know if they’re good or bad until you deliver the order.


I’ve done work for a teacher too but he is cool to deal with.

Generous with the custom orders he gives


:grinning: Exactly. What he said