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When Buyer said: "Not enough money in my fiverr account" - It's a Lie

A lot of buyer message seller for ordering but they said their account have not enough money yet for the order, and will order as soon as they got enough money.

Even though they sound so promising, gave all the correct information for your order, you STILL do not do the order first.

99% they will run away and not reply you.

I encountered one buyer recently, first he messaged me on fiverr about order information, then suddenly the search my FB and message in on FB and he said he want to deal with paypal instead and save Fiverr charges!

I of course denied his request and ask him we only able to deal within Fiverr site, then he gave me all his photos and said his fiverr not enough money yet, tomorrow will order.

As I expected, he has no news even though I message him after the days and he seem disappeared.

That´s good, just keep the transaction on Fiverr site (for your own sake).

Sometimes they say they don’t have enough money and never come back and sometimes they do. I never expect anything until they actually place an order.

I agree with you, Missycristal. It is better (wise) to not assume.

I have learned this lesson in a very hard way

I had one lately! First they lost their credit card, then they had some other financial crisis, then they (etc). Very pleasant, but I didn’t really respond after my second reply. All I said was, when you’re ready, place the order and we can discuss it.

See, in the midst of this amusing amount of crises, she wanted me to write out a plan or something. Pre-work. Pfft.

She’s gone now. Probably living under a bridge.

I’m to the point I refuse to discuss anything beyond two messages.

Another fantastic one today! “I have [blah blah blah], and it’s less than 100 words. How much?”

“How many words is it?”


REALLY DUDE? On that gig 100 words is $25. I decided to go down the custom order route of multiple gigs. So $35 for 90 words or $40 for 100 words.

He’s gone now, too.

The key here, dear readers, is that there are plenty of lying buyers. Just play them at their own stupid game and they’ll go away.

Interesting topic and answers :slight_smile:

I had one and he just said that he want the Logo redesigned with Source files and others. I said ok Place the order and then he replied that i should start the work and he will order in the morning and after that one ‘MORE’ order is waiting for me from him. I said ok I will start the work Tomorrow and till now i don’t know where he is.
My advice, Do not Start work on any job unless you received the notification either its your regular buyer or its his first time with you.

I’m a first-time buyer and I’ve been trying to make a purchase from a vendor for a little over $1,500 using my debit card but it’s not going thru. Called my bank and they said my account is totally fine but that Fiverr is actually the one rejecting the transaction. Any suggestions?? The Fiverr rep that I’m dealing with via email can’t even seem to understand my simple question and hasn’t provided any useful info yet. Still waiting to see if he wakes up from his deep slumber. Trying to finish a project on schedule and trying not to fall further behind. Any ideas are appreciated.

What are you trying to buy?

Split the order into 2 parts and try again