When buyers book and cancel


I’ve had pretty much 99.9 percent positive experiences with buyers. I am a voice over artist and active on Fiverr since September 2015. I have a list of over 250 very positive reviews, most of them 5 star. I sometimes get requests to alter my recordings with a revision and gladly oblige, leaving many happy customers in my wake. Then along came one - just one - buyer I’ll never work with again. He booked a gig based on my demos. I delivered in the style represented. It was the second cheapest gig I offer - a basic recording fee. He did not request a specific revision but then informed me that he was not going to use my voice anymore and he’s sorry to waste my time. The gig was booked, recorded and sent. I refused to cancel it stating that I do not do work for nothing. He did not have any notes on how the recording was unsatisfactory yet he was simply changing his mind about using my voice and wanted his paltry $15 back. I made it clear that I needed to be paid for the work done and sent which was booked according to my demo and sent in same style. If he had wanted it improved or changed he needed to have said how. So the gig was concluded and the buyer then spoiled my blemish-free record of great reviews by insulting me. I in turn returned the gesture by reviewing him with the same disapproval. Trouble is, buyers reviews are unlikely to hurt business as much as a nasty review on a seller profile. I refuse to be held to ransom by cheap and nasty buyers. I made it clear I will never work with that buyer again.


Sorry this happened, it’s totally reasonable that you receive payment for the work done. I don’t know what could be done as far as the negative feedback goes-- perhaps contact CS? He’e essentially fighting and baiting for free work which isn’t allowed.
Judging by his profile, he looks like a conman with the gig he is offering… total scam service.

(however, make sure you remove his username from the post as it’s against forum rules.)


Thanks so much. Will do. :slight_smile:


I think the buyer wanted a freebie but had come to a store where free things are all for sale. I also had a customer like that.


This happened to me so many times… and i do refund because of the kinds of insults i have suffered. Also i donot want a negative review so i simply cancel the order and the buyer is unable to post a comment. Infact, one buyer did post a negative comment on a cancelled order. but then CS helped me and deleted that comment because it is not possible for buyers to post comments on cancelled orders.
But yes, i have suffered from this alot of times…


Thanks for your comments. I feel it is important to stand up to bullying trolls hoping to manipulate buyers on fear of bad reviews. This is the one flaw in the online portal system of business exchange but we need to resist this type of abuse. I have logged a request to CS to have his vindictive review removed from my otherwise highly positive review list.


Fiverr should take some strict actions against such buyers. Though number of such buyers is very limited but, they can ruin sellers ratings by posting a single negative review. In your case, buyer is at fault.


Thanks for your supportive comment. I tried taking this up with Customer Services but they refuse to treat it as a special case and will not remove the buyers vindictive “review” as I was apparently supposed to resolve it with a button on the actual gig within 3 days. I saw that button but figured there was no point in approaching the buyer when it was quite clear what their intention was…CS won’t budge on the rules…this is a worrying loophole in the Fiverr system as anyone can do what this buyer just did. We are effectively held to ransom in situations like this. Thankfully it’s the first time this has happened to me. I hope it’s the last. I am very disappointed that Fiverr will not see the situation for what it clearly was, considering my track record (and the money they make out of my many gigs!)


The good thing is that you’ve included your response to the review, but if a buyer looks at your profile page alone, then your feedback is not shown there. For some reason, Fiverr doesn’t care to share sellers feedback on their profile page. It’s only shown under the specific gig where it was posted.


I read your post and all your replies on it.

It’s highly unlikely that Fiverr CS will remove buyer feedback from your gig page. I faced a similar situation just 24 hours ago where the buyer basically requested more work (not revision but extra work) and basically said after I delivered it “if you do not deliver the extra work, I will claim a refund, if you re-deliver it as is, I will leave a negative review”, I wrote to CS, they said “we cannot force a buyer to accept delivery. Take it up with him and resolve it between the two of you. The buyer is entitled to leave a review if it is delivered”. So the only options that I had was to let him have the work for free, or redeliver it and get a fake bad review from him. I cancelled. He continues to use the work for free.

A bad review continues to hurt your search rankings for a long time and impedes a lot of potential opportunities which are cumulatively worth more than the one cancelled gig. The only entities who have the authority to amend it are the uncooperative buyer and Fiverr CS.

If an opportunity presents itself to allow you to do a mutual cancellation, grab it with both hands because the alternatives aren’t too optimistic

  1. Having to do extra work for free, hoping that the buyer will amend his review
  2. Having to explain and convince the CS that you are the good guy
  3. If you fail to achieve the above two, you are left with a bad review and more hours wasted
  4. If you succeed to achieve either of the two, the buyer can still initiate a chargeback a month later


I’m sorry you had this experience, but it seems that’s the cost of doing business on the internet. The workaround would be for Fiverr to allow payments through Bitcoins and to allow sellers to have the option to only allow buyers to order their gigs if they are going to pay through Bitcoins.


Thanks so much for sharing your responses and it seems I’m not alone in this “loophole” of the service. I’ve made my frustrations known to CS and they would not budge. Thankfully that one bad egg of a buyer is being drowned in a thread of five star reviews. Onward! :wink: