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When buyers buyers use fiverr credits, do sellers receive credits instead of withdrawable money?

Hello! My question is… when a buyer buys a gig with Fiverr credit, does the seller receive credits instead of money? I couldn’t find the answer anywhere so here I am. I’m a seller on Fiverr and I have a lot of Fiverr credit (the money you can only use in the platform) but I never deposited anything.


Check this out:

There is a section on Fiverr credits.


I have already read that. It doesn’t mention anything.

HI, I’m new here and saw your post. I read that section too and I am experiencing quite the learning curve! I wish someone would translate the “legal - eze” into regular English. I love learning new things but it is really frustrating when I don’t understand the language of the discipline involved! I hope some kind soul will answer your question. I would if I could. All I know is that they have Direct Deposit. :sweat_smile: My talents lie elsewhere.


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Selling price 100
Fiverr commission 20
Fiverr gives a discount of 10% (not related to the seller)
Buyer pays 90

How much does the seller get?

PS: If I’m doing to do work to get credits, that I can’t withdraw. I won’t do the job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@sheepart They get real money. The seller won’t even know if the buyer is using credits. As far as I know, the only way you can earn credit is by inviting other buyers on the platform!?

Seller will get all the $80. The system gets confusing (or buggy) sometimes and shows two orders of $72 + $8, but the seller gets the complete payment. You can contact CS if the bug causes your earnings to take a hit.

Hope that helps!


The seller receives payment as normal.

Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with revenue equal to 80% of the purchase amount.

From the article I gave you above.