When Buyers Don't Read Your Gig Description


Hey there, Fiverr community!

I’ve been buried in writing projects this past month, and finally have time to breathe. I deactivated Vacation Mode this morning, with a highlighted note at the top of my gig descriptions requesting that buyers contact me before placing an order.

I feel kind of silly about complaining, but I’m shocked that people are still placing orders without contacting me first. Have any of you ever dealt with this? I’m grateful for the work, but at the same time, I’m a little irritated about the lack of control I have (despite my request).

Just venting here – if you have any tips, I would very much appreciate your sharing them.



I also get irritated with Without discussion orders. I try my best to not cancel the order, as now mutual cancelation also have a negative effect on my gig. If the buyer asks something that doesn’t include in my service or I cannot do that job or Cannot agree with the pricing then I cancel the order. I try to do this cancellation in quick time.


For what it’s worth, I empathize with your problem. We find that our smoothest, best deals are those where the customer speaks with us first, and we can tailor a solution for them (or in some cases, walk away when we feel we’re not the right supplier). We also had such a bad time implementing Commercial Rights earlier this year that we ditched the whole idea in the end, and that was entirely down to people failing to read. We wrote about it in our description, our FAQs, our Requirements… Yet every day we would have at least one customer who ordered the wrong thing because they had failed to read ANY of our notices. Our cancellation rate took a hammering, and we scrapped the whole thing. It’s super frustrating, but some people just don’t read your description. In fact, I’d go so far as to say most people probably don’t.

But the biggest issue I think you’re always going to face is that it’s totally counter to how Fiverr want you to work. The whole point of Fiverr is commoditizing the freelance experience. You want a logo? Find a good designer, add the gig to your basket. Buy some add-ons while you’re at it, checkout and you’re done, with very little actual communication. And actually, as someone who also buys on occasion, that’s often how I want it. If I’m being told I have to start up a conversation with you beforehand, I might go looking for a different provider instead, especially if I feel I have a straightforward requirement and need it doing quickly.

I’m not saying that I disagree with what you’re doing here btw, in fact I wish you good luck with it! It’s your business, you should be able to run it how you want. I just think that no matter what you do, on Fiverr you’re always likely to struggle with this issue.


Also - one thing I noticed after looking at your gigs…

The way Fiverr spreads out the gig page, the notice you’re referring to is at the top of your description, but that’s actually WAY down the page.

Your Headline and image sits up top, and your packages to the right. Then your packages AGAIN underneath your gig image, then underneath that your description. It’s way below the fold, and I bet a lot of people don’t scroll down that far (or they very quickly scroll down to your reviews, then back up).

Have you thought about putting something into your gig image? Perhaps adding a note there in a relatively unobtrusive but still obvious text? I would think buyers are WAY more likely to look here than your description, perhaps that might get people’s attention more? The problem with the layout being how it is, is that for a lot of buyers, they don’t even have to look at your description. You’ve got a brilliant review score, your images look professional and your gig packages explain clearly what you do - and all of that is right at the top of the page, along with a shiny buy button!


This is the real world. People will order from you all the time without contacting you when not on Fiverr, so why should this platform be any different?


Thanks for your feedback! That puts things in perspective for me, and I’m sure I’ll be more empathetic toward these buyers moving forward.


With all due respect, that isn’t at all how I operate when I work independently. I have consults and contract negotiations with my clients before we begin working together; they check in with me to make sure I’m available before requesting rush jobs. While I understand that Fiverr buyers have the right to place orders without asking on the platform, I was surprised yesterday at the sheer number of people who didn’t bother to read my gig description.


Yeah, that’s not what you’ve signed up for here. Your have the option to pause gigs, set holiday mode, but not to require they get in touch with you before ordering.

My website operates in the same way as Fiverr - it’s open for people to order. Like you, my local contacts and I meet and negotiate before I work for them, but online is the place to be!


This sometimes happens.
Buyers don’t read gig description and directly place order before any detailed discussion.


Fair point. The real issue here is that I’m stretching myself too thin, but that’s a different story. I book regular work as a portrait and wedding photographer, plus local writing gigs, and it’s a balancing act now that things have picked up for me on Fiverr. Thanks for your input.


I think most of the buyers attract by the title and gig image.