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When buyers make unreasonable modification requests

Is there a good way to say no?

It has happened to me twice now that a buyer has asked (in the form of a modification request) for me to provide work that is not included in the gig description. In one case, the buyer asked for something that was clearly (and in bold) described as “not included.” In the other case, it was something so overboard that I hadn’t even thought to warn against it in the gig description.

In both cases I responded as clearly and politely as I could, then hit the “Deliver Modified Work” button so that the buyers would have the option to mark the orders as complete. But it’s a bit disconcerting that there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward, honest way to do this. Rather, it seems like the system was built under the assumption that I should have to do anything any buyer asks of me, regardless of whether or not their request is reasonable.

Does anyone have any advice, besides padding my gig descriptions with excessive “Does not include…” warnings?

Your completely right in regard to how the current system makes it seem like we sellers have to fall over backwards to appease buyers even when this means doing extra add on work for free. Sadly, what I have found is that some people ask for one revision, then another and another before leaving neutral or negative feedback to boot. .

My only advice would be to respond to basic $5 gigs with a “since this wasn’t included in the original brief for this project I am afraid that I would have to charge a further $5 for the revision which you have requested,” etc etc. Then if this isn’t agreeable to your buyer or you sense that they are one of the snoozy, “fine I’m going to destroy your career” sort, just cancel the order and put it behind you IF you really don’t want a negative review.

Alternatively, for orders over $20, I always do up to 2 revisions (within reason) and after this simply tell buyers that I am sorry but the work has now been delivered as described and I’m afraid that further revisions will cost $5.

I never cancel orders greater than $5 and usually people who pay more to begin with seem to understand that extra work (not covered by the original project outline) will cost them a little extra.

When a buyer asks for a mod just say that will cost them extra as time is $, that’s what I do, nowhere on my gig descriptions does it say I offer them for free, so if they want them they can pay extra for the privilege. Just today I had someone ask me to make about 10 mods on one gig, it was a DJ mix gig and they wanted me to make changes to basically the entire structure of the mix, so I told them if they want that done it will cost them another $5 as I would have to redo the entire mix and resend it, sorry but I have other gigs with priority, plus their suggestions made no logical sense in terms of DJing, sorry again but I take a little bit of pride in my work as well, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: