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When buyers take too long to send in the requirements

I get clients who order and then write “I will send the script ASAP” and then take up 4 out of the 5 days I have to deliver and I have to rush on the last day hoping there won’t be modifications required… Or they order a logo design from someone else and a video from me at the same time and I am at the mercy of the logo designer before I can complete my order… Right now I am doing a music video, which is done, but I need to add lyrics on screen, but the client has not sent me the lyrics yet and I am now at 12 hour ‘late delivery’ without any way to solve this, as the request for deadline extension has not been answered by this buyer, I am guessing he hasn’t seen it…

I think there should be a button that pauses the order until the client sends all the missing requirements. Please Fiverr, let the delivery time be our time not the buyer’s time for sending in the requirements. It’s just not fair.

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Sounds like you might need to rework your gig requirements.

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Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: My requirements are very very clear already unfortunately, so this won’t be the solution, the clients just fill these obligatory fields with “n/a” or “I’ll send it when I have it”… I also have the ‘Message me before ordering’ in the description highlighted.

(Copying a post I’ve previously made. Interesting conversation, over there.)

I don’t have a questionnaire, but I’ve lately been considering adding something like a Y/N requirement that states something like…

I, the buyer, acknowledge that if I have left out any information necessary for the seller to complete the order, the seller can/will cancel the order and block me as a buyer.

Obviously, this wouldn’t solve the problem completely, but people dislike being inconvenienced (pain point). I’d be making it more inconvenient (painful) for them to skip information I need AND not getting what they order in the first place, than them taking the time to fill out a form.

Unfortunately, the TOS does not address the issue of missing requirements. (To the best of my knowledge.)


This is a fabulous idea :wink: