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When Buyers try to Argue About Pricing.... Don't Take It!

So today I have had someone attempt to argue that it is completely unreasonable that I won’t write a 200-word free sample for them. Apparently, if this person had to pay for all the samples they get written on Fiverr, they would be bankrupt. - Now, what does that tell you?

Anyway, this ‘buyer’ was easy to ignore after a just a first reply, Now, however, I have a buyer who must have crawled through my gigs to find the cheapest way to order something from me.

This person wants a mobile app video. They don’t want to order from my mobile app video gig, though. Instead, they want to order from a cheaper video gig I have targeted at real estate promotions. What’s more, they are upset that I won’t agree to this.

Now, it’s not okay for buyers to tell me what my pricing should be. That is just really rude. The good news, however, is that while getting the likes of, “I don’t understand why you price your videos differently anyway,” in my inbox, I just got a $75 order for what is basically the same work for someone else.

In this case, never even waste time with these people. Send a reply saying, “no” and let that be the end of it. All these people do is waste time.


Some try to bargain with you on pricing.

There was a buyer who wanted a work and I priced it $50. He said that he has only $30 in his account. And asked for some work a bit out of my gig domain.

I said that the prices will be higher for that out-of-domain work. So they first went up to $40 and then finally ordered for $50 for my actual work.

They were just trying to get me down to lower my prices, but the pricing we (sellers) ask for is completely justified (and at times lower than what they should be) for what we deliver.


A week ago, I had a client tell me his budget for a translation was $15 when I said my price was $25. I have completed a number of orders for this client and to be honest, I didn’t like the fact he expected me to drop my price when in fact it was him who had undercharged his client (he runs a translation agency) - he knows my prices yet under-quoted anyway. He decided to go elsewhere and got someone to do it for $15.

Today I got a message asking me to proofread the work that some other translator did for him as his client was unhappy with the work. When he sent me the document I had to tell him that I could not work with it and I would need to translate it from scratch. The document was extremely badly translated and in fact most of it had been done with computer translation and nothing else.

He had to pay $40 instead of $25 to get this done as well as upset a client of his; I suspect he won’t under-quote a client again in a hurry.

Sellers need to set their prices and stick to them. If you are worth the price then that’s what you should be paid. Period.


Absolutely, and one step further, as soon as people try to bargain with you, know that it is not going to end well. I have now taken to replying along the lines of “If you are concerned about price then you may want to continue to look for another seller. There are many new sellers who will gladly give you the price you want with as many revisions as you need in order to build their portfolio. Good Luck.”

Trust that tingling spidey sense that any indication of cheapness in the early stages will become pure hell later.


This in fact should be made as a quick response message, lol.

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It is. Hey anyone else run out of quick responses? How many can you have? (Slighthly OT?)