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When buyers try to rip me off. Happens More Often Than You Think [Marked for Archives]


Hi, and how are you guys doing. I hope you are doing well in your life and happy.

It’s been 2 long years on fiverr and I have always loved working for new people from around the globe. Some of them were amazingly cooperative while the others were really hard to please.

Today, I just want to point out a few things that has been happening to me this year. These type of things always occur. I don’t blame the platform for anything but I’ve been noticing an acceleration and boost in the “I will try to rip off the seller” mentality lately.

So, last month, I had 6 orders and all of them were worth $180 (on an average). What I noticed was that no matter whatever you do, the buyers will always find a reason to cancel the order or threaten you into doing more work than what you are supposed to do.

The top rated sellers in my category provide the same service at a higher price. I was surprised to learn the fact that my fellow sellers weren’t facing the same problem like myself.

He told me that there are a few instances when a buyer tries to rip you off but as we provide services at a higher price than other sellers, we only get people who truly want you to work on their venture and respect and trust your talent and skills.

What I don’t understand is that if all you want is to rip someone off, why bother wasting hard working people’s time. Just get a cheap website and start advertising, “Earn $2000/month without leaving your couch at home. Buy this E-Book to learn more. Only $69.99”

It is sad when people don’t understand how many ours we spend to get their websites online.All they want is to rip you off no matter what you do.

Some people think that we aren’t human beings. Even if they contact a seller at 3 A.M., he/she is supposed to reply. At least people should understand that some of us have families and social lives. We can’t sit in front of our computers for 24 hours a day.

If Someone says that they are going to deliver the product in 3/4/5…X days, you should wait for it instead of nagging the seller every 2 hours. This not only distracts us but also shows how unprofessional you are.

Also, please refrain from threatening anyone on this platform or any other platform as a matter of fact. You don’t own us and we don’t work for you. We work with you. We didn’t beg you to place order, you came to use and you were interested.

A seller has the right to cancel the order whenever he/she wants. Frankly speaking, if you want to be a racists and call people by names, you shouldn’t hire or work for anyone in your life. This is a platform that I love. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I wasn’t able to find fiverr at the right time.

I don’t make much. But whatever I make, I am happy with it. I am not greedy, Even if I know that I deserve more, I don’t charge extra because I understand that not everybody is rich. But if I ask for $150 for a website and you try to bargain and bring the price down to $30, I am not going to work at all. $30 means nothing because Fiverr cuts 20% and then there’s a deduction from my bank’s end. In short, I can’t work for 3 or more days, spending 5 hours a day on your website for $30. Even a barista in a cheap coffee shop makes more than that in a day.

Next time, before blaming the sellers, please make sure that you have your sleeves clean and tidy. just because you are spending the money, doesn’t mean that you are always right.

Peace :slight_smile:


This sounds like a tip for buyers as well as a rant combined. I feel you @mithunbaiju, there are really just some buyers who think they are superior just because they are the ones who are paying. I hope Fiverr strengthens protection for sellers as much as they protect buyers, because there are a lot of honest sellers here on the platform who have similar situations like yours, where a lousy buyer tries to rip them off. Oh well, the world and its flaws.


very nice tip for a buyer…i hope that they will read it


Let them get threatening and abusive, it’s very helpful when you take your case to customer support. Be sure to remain calm and professional as they have a meltdown, of course. As for pricing, if they don’t like your price, they can go elsewhere. If someone is trying to rip you off, just put the wall up. No need to even attack.


Yeah, I guess the pressure is a lot more on web designers than on other freelancers. People just want their websites done asap.


Couldn’t have said it better myself! :slight_smile:


Is this sort of stuff commin with the writing gigs?


The problem is it is just too easy to cancel a gig from both sides. It’s Fiverr who want to have it like this and they should change it.


I have buyers who can’t find the ACCEPT button on the app when I need to cancel a gig because they didn’t read the description and it can turn into an all day struggle for me, trying to coach them how to find the button, and let them know I don’t offer what they ask, and then they don’t go quietly.


When you sell at a higher price, you attract decent people. Lower prices attract the wrong crowd of people who will try to take advantage of you.

I get angry when people on crappy online Psychic forums talk about my readings. They literally attract the worst crowd of people - most of them have no class whatsoever. I sometimes peek through and know which client is which, and 99% of the time the people talking smack about me are the ones who attempted to rip me off which is sad.

My prices are high, but my ratings are genuinely good - therefore most of the time I get good and pleasant clients.

Moral of the story - high prices, good clientele.


Sorry but a higher price is not a guarantee for a better service in general. I am only a buyer and as seller I would only offer “automated” gigs as $5 is just a very low entrance payment. However this is also Fiverrs strategy. Haven’t seen statistics but I would assume there are much more “rip offs” on $5 gigs - from both parties, seller & buyer.


Great, I really like this post. I think we should be kind to one another, both buyers and sellers.


I never said it was a guarantee - I said MOST of the time I get good and pleasant clients.


I said it earlier, I am truly amazed how you make business here with your kind of gigs. Obviously Fiverr works for you. Your reasons for a cancellation are understood.



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