When can i withdraw funds earned from fiverr affiliation?


Hey folks,

I have earned an humble amount of money through fiverr affiliation… but the problem is there is no way that i can withdraw that money… if anyone has any clue about withdrawing money earned exclusively through affiliation, please do comment down bellow…

Regards Webiexpert



You can add a payoneer account and withdraw funds.


Regarding when you can withdraw:

Commission is paid once a month upon receiving your invoice. Payment is made on a net 30 basis, which starts at the beginning of the following month. For example: invoices for January 2015 are paid on March 1st/2nd. To cash-out, simply send Fiverr your monthly invoice by email.

For more info, please read everything from this page:


Thanks everyone for your kind responses :slight_smile: and special thanks to @woofy31 for your detailed explanation… helped me alot.