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when client try to message me using fiverr app they see that I am no longer be contacted.

when clients try to message me using the Fiverr app they see that I am no longer be contacted. anyone can help me fix this issue? I already attached my problem screenshot.

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maybe his/her account suspended…or contact Fiverr support…

contact Fiverr support

no this account is not suspended. when client use mobile app then showing this issue. desktop is showing correctly

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Contact Fiverr help…

I think this is a bug on the buyer side.

Have you worked with this buyer before? It might also be a set up for a scam or the buyer is preparing to ask you to take payment not on fiver…

I get suspicious easily on fiver!

no. when a new buyer contacts me using desktop then it’s ok but when he contact me using Fiverr apps then showing this issue. I already contact with seller support so they told me my account is ok. but when I see using Fiverr apps so already showing this issue.

you are 100% correct. I just tried on the app (iPhone 7) and it say I can’t contact you. I can contact you on desktop though.

I suggest you move this forum topic to the ‘report a bug’ section.

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