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When Client want to know how can i solve his/her issue?

My client want to know how can I solve his issue now he wants to full details of me. so that he can solve this issue in the future by own way… Now, what can I do?

Your post is not clear at all. Clear what is the problem and What is the situation?

You know what you can do already, it’s your decision to make, we can’t decide that for you. Either you tell your client, or you don’t.
I’m assuming your Gig promises something like “I will solve issue X for you”. So, unless the gig your client bought from you also promises that you’ll coach them or will explain what you did do to solve that issue, how you work, or anything the like, you can tell them that you already fully delivered what was ordered.
In case you’d want to teach them, you could offer them to do that in a custom gig for an amount you’d be happy with for “giving your secrets away”, but nobody can force you to do that if you don’t want to, in that case, you can just say something like “I’m sorry but I only offer (insert whatever the gig they bought is about) but no coaching.”
As I said, it’s your decision, it’s your job, you need to decide and find a way to deal with your customers, whatever they might want and ask of you, that works for you.

Of course, if they didn’t yet write a review for your order - if that is your actual problem here - there’s always the possibility that a customer might be unfair and let such things flow into their review, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual job they paid you to do, but that’s a risk we all have and need to deal with all the time. Some people just take that risk, others do anything they can to avoid it, it’s a personal decision.

Also keep in mind that such people might even be someone who wants to learn how to do that in order to offer it as a gig themselves. Which is fine if you offer such coaching as a gig, else, not.
My personal opinion is, you should politely explain that you did your job and don’t offer coaching on subject X.


@miiila Thank you for your kind information. Client needs coaching to me so that he can solve other work as his own way as a same issue in future.