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When Clients Ask for Discounts!

As we all have had, I have got one these clients who asks for discount. So, one old client came to me. He worked with me about an year ago when I used to offer a compete different thing, which I do not offer anymore. He wanted that old service. Although I was not doing that anymore, I decided to do it considering he is a repeat client. Then he started asking for discount. Again, considering he is a repeat client, back to me after an year I gave him $5 discount but he wanted more. I explained him that “I have many repeat clients and my fee is what they pay.” and then we shared a few more messages. I was away from my workplace for a few minutes, before leaving I said “Going for lunch now. I will get back to you once I am back” and when I came back, there were 5-6 messages and last one was “I can’t keep on waiting for your single reply for 10 mins. Just because your gig is going good, do not fly. It will clash any day.” I am like what? But I very politely told him that “I was away and couldn’t reply. If you think we are not right choice for your project or if you are not happy with our prices then you may do some research and find a perfect match. I am sure you will find someone who offering exactly what you are seeking for.” I am not sure why but he still wanted to work with me and kept on asking for discount by reducing a few words.

I always try to be transparent in my pricing. That means that I prefer not to waste my time on price negotiations. I usually don’t give discounts unless its a charity I want to support. I don’t price arbitrarily so I don’t discount arbitrarily. My main reason of not giving discount is that if I say yes now they will always nickel & dime on anything I ever do for them…this happened me a lot when I was new on fiverr.

Some clients just love haggling, assuming there are always margins that can be squeezed. Or they assume that sellers on fiverr desperately need the sale that I’m willing to be underpaid. Some client say, “I will give you 50 orders, discount?” and I reply with “Sure, I will give you discount on every 3rd order”, and you know what, most of them never come back.

Some compare your price with someone else’s price. They say they have a better offer. Of course not. When I find a significantly lower price on any product, I don’t go back to the first guy with the price, I simply buy from the second. The only reason I’d return to the first is as a negotiating tactic, or for more information.

Do not drop your price. Target clients looking for value as their top priority, clients who appreciate that in order to receive a good ROI they need to pay a bit more for quality and expertise.

I am not saying never give discounts. I value repeat customers. It makes me feel good to offer a surprise discount to those who don’t request one for no good reason. What do you guys think?


Absoutely Right and true

I had a repeat customer who ordered a gig that should be delivered in 4 days, she wanted the delivery in 1 day and wanted me to discount the overall price. This is where the one answer reply comes in… No


fiverr is the only platform where I work on very low prices… 10 clients at fiverr is equal to 1 client at other platforms, but again I don’t have to search for clients here :slight_smile:
This fixing the price come with experience… I am glad I learnt a few tricks after reading your thoughts.

I don’t discount either, typically. I usually tell people that it would not be fair to the other clients who paid the going rate. I will give a discount on a large custom order if some of the work is repetitive or overlaps.

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This is an excellent policy. Nicely done. :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate that there are many buyers who try to get work – or discounts – from sellers that are not offered by those sellers. Standing your ground, and reminding those buyers of your limits, terms, and the fairness of why you do things the way you do is a great way to minimize the buyers who try to take advantage of what you offer.

(NOTE: The above advice is shared more for those reading this post, not directed critically at you, @tracybarnhart) :wink:

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I agree,

The price should be fixed… The service is already discounted…

Can’t stand the people from 3th world countries with their unbelievable offers…

Right on! I love your approach. As soon as someone like that has an attitude about me not responding (gee… sometimes I’m recording for others, or maybe I’m taking a break to eat…), then I’m gone and encouraging them to find someone else.

For many of us our prices are already far lower than if we work on other platforms, AND the value of our work is far greater than what they are paying now.

When offering a discount, you gain an immediate customer, but those people are rarely loyal. As soon as someone else arrives with a lower price, they are gone. IF I do it (rare, but it does happen) I am sure they understand it’s a special thing:

“As a first time client, here’s a bonus” or “As a thank-you for XYZ, here’s a one-time discount because I appreciate you took a chance on me when I was new…”

A discount without a “here’s why you’re special, and this is one-time…” just means they will expect it every time. Not a win.

I have a “quick response” for those people, saying something like “If price is your primary criteria on Fiverr, I’m the wrong seller for you. I help clients who want one of the best, and understand that can require a slightly higher investment…”

Amazingly, I still get the majority of those clients who ask for a discount, and some days 80% of my business arrives from repeat clients.

One other thing: Fiverr is now rewarding sellers who have a higher “Average Price Per Gig” with higher rankings in the searches. (Which they should… If you sell three $500 gigs, why should I rank higher because I sold fifty $5 gigs. People selling strictly on cheap will see their rankings drop over time UNLESS they push huge volume.)

Your approach provides a foundation for longer term success, hats off to you!


right (y) there’s always a rise and fall in sales so be polite with your buyers.

What a nice & understandable buyer.:grinning:

I had a client who was continually always asking for discounts, I told him to find another Psychic.


Fiverr is now rewarding sellers who have a higher “Average Price Per Gig” with higher rankings in the searches.


Some buyers who asks discounts and behave so impolitely in negotiations are mostly kids , who resell the product to another person.

Real buyers value quality , you are correct.

Great and everyone should do that if they are going to offer a discount. Even I do that when I charge for changes in script. I offer some discount but always mention that “I am doing this because you are first timer with me”

I have just one client who always opts in for my most upgraded packages and then asks for add-ons…In similar cases (when a customer values my offer and directly hits the most expensive pack) I am always after offering them a little more as a token of appreciation but this is plain disregarding of me and my gigs. The first time I gave in (maybe out of fear of being given a bad review) but then I always make a short comment in my recorded readings with her on how she could pay for the extra work she asks.
No matter if a seller works for $5 or $500 we need to give the customers understand that for any given price there’s a standard value included and if the price is negotiated then how about negotiating the quality as well!

The thing I hate the most about clients asking for discounts as repeat customers is that they turn nasty a lot of the times when you don’t them the discount, even if you are polite about it. They could have been the best client ever, but they get nasty as soon as the finances get involved. It sours the whole experience as far as your present and past experience with that customer!

As a buyer I feel discounts are nice but only when the seller wishes to give them. It is greedy for a buyer to ask for it themselves because there is likely a reason why the seller is not giving a discount and if the buyer does not like it they should go else where. Buyers should remember we buyers do not like to be pressured into buying more then what we ask for the same principle should happen with buyers getting a discount there has to be respect between buyer and seller. I feel so many buyers forget that and get selfish and they should not because you sellers are giving a services and each have your prices for a reason.

Buyers should not be asking for discounts on Fiverr out of all places. I get it, they came to Fiverr, because they could not afford the same service anywhere else, but freelancers here are working on extremely discounted prices already, and they should understand this… Add to that, those are usually the most demanding clients… They come here with extremely tight budget, expecting to get a flat screen TV for the price of a used 70s TV… No matter what you will deliver they will not be happy, because for them $15 is what $1000 is for someone, who has a decent budget. When I have a buyer message me for a discount, I politely decline. If they order my basic and their requirements indicate they should have ordered the standard pack, and they ignore my concern about this, I just cancel, because they clearly have not read my description or they don’t respect my time and if they treat me this way, they will treat their customers and business associates like that too.

I’m not gonna lie, I give discounts to two of my biggest returning clients. One placed 38 orders with me and the other is at 34 orders. Every time i raise my price $5, i just give them the old rate. Sure they end up paying $5 more than before, but it’s still $5 cheaper than everyone else.

My very own loyalty reward program! lol