When compliments backfire


I’ve been on Fiverr as a buyer for several years and until now have always had a positive experience (always 5 star ratings and usually tip well also). The latest gig I ordered was for a WordPress theme customization at a cost of just over $400. From the beginning the seller has been s-l-o-w, the work has been marginal and has even asked me to help do their job. I thought maybe if I gave some compliments they would feel inspired to complete the project. Now I’m just hopeful they’ll do the bare minimum so I can accept the job (and hire someone else on Fiverr to finish it the right way!) My question is this; if I leave that person less than a 5 star rating, can they in turn trash me by rating me low? What are the available remedies for this situation? Since I complimented them can they use this somehow against my contention they did not live up to expectations?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Hi @thehutchinsons
its good to see you here. You should complain him about his disabilities or ask him about the consequences of that job. why he’s getting late or blah blah.?
the next thing have you asked the seller about a time square to complete your job?

@djgodknows @fonthaunt may assist you better.


Leave a review that is honest about your experience. The seller could respond but reviews of buyers are only visible on that seller’s page. The seller could ask customer service to remove the review but it sounds unlikely that they would. Be honest and fair and then just move on and forget about it.


I have asked several times for a completion date, and each time am told it’ll be “tomorrow”. I just checked the project and it’s been totally ruined. This is turning into a perpetual nightmare.


@eoinfinnegan amazing :slight_smile: . But first @thehutchinsons should give him a chance to make right of what he has done? and stay solid on what he committed. If he don’t relay on his commitment. then you could do the same as @eoinfinnegan suggested above


You need to leave an honest review.

It’s the right thing to do. If no work was produced a refund request is also a valid response.

Reviews that sellers leave buyers don’5 count towards anything nor do they appear on your profile. (Just FYI)


refund request could help you better for before rating . If you get the funds back then rate him as per your experience


Well to be honest, since you have been purchasing here on Fiverr for a while, you should have some inkling when dealing with nefarious sellers.

So to simplify things,
Would you like to grind on this project with this seller and continue your bickering and banter?
Cut your losses short, ask him to stop all work and either ask for a refund or close the ticket.

Leaving a review is your prerogative, you DO NOT HAVE TO leave a review. You can just leave the order as completed. If the seller insists, you can say, If I leave a review it will not be 5-Star, do you still wish me to leave a review? That should stop the seller from pestering you.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


another better suggestion .


You do have a completion date as their is a countdown ticking.


Good point. This project is has already taken double the initial estimated time and it’s still not close to being done.


Since I was tagged, I will add that I agree with @eoinfinnegan on this issue.

@thehutchinsons It is important for buyers to leave honest reviews. If the seller did some work and it was useful, that’s worth something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a 5 star review. It probably doesn’t mean a 1 star either. Use your best judgement. The seller’s review of you will affect you little unless you leave tons of bad reviews all over Fiverr and someone looks for your Fiverr profile on Google.


Use the resolution button to request a cancellation. If that is not accepted by the seller you can ask customer support about getting a refund. That’s a lot of money to lose. At least that is what I would do. I’m sorry to hear of your bad experience.


Thanks for all the advice / feedback. I clicked on the resolution button, explained the situation and requested the gig be cancelled. Apparently that was the spark needed to get action from the seller. They are now working on finishing the project and have even stepped up to increase the quality of the work. Hopefully it will be completed soon - into week 3 of a 1 week project. Thanks again to all who responded!


@thehutchinsons it seems good to hear that. :slight_smile: