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When coronavirus going to end?

When will this coronavirus going to end ?
Any predicitions expert ?

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Only estimated.

Could be
29.02. 2201.



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Never. Honestly it’s here to stay. Our one best hope is to get a vaccine that works without side effects. It’s so contagious that within the coming year everyone on earth will have been exposed to it. It is hoped that people can only get it once but so far it looks like you can get it more than once.

So far it’s mutated over 180 times as it adapts itself to it’s new human host.

There are now several vaccines being tried on volunteers.

This disease is so different from anything they’ve ever seen before that they can’t figure out the best way to treat patients yet. And they find more effects on the body every day from it.

We are also wondering how long the doctors and nurses who treat coronavirus patients and hold out and work so hard as they have to now before they burn out completely.

One person in a family who has it, interacting with others, can cause the spread of the virus to an entire community.


Work on your immunity, it’s the best vaccine out there.


Do you think epidemiologists are using Fiverr and would share their projections with you here?

Or do you think senior Fiverr sellers are studying disease patterns?

This is a really weird thing to ask Fiverr sellers…

If there is any available expert projections on this, you will find them by Googling it. It’s not going to be exclusive info that an epidemiologist will share in the Fiverr forum and hasn’t shared elsewhere.

No one who is studying this and would be able to make that projection is moonlighting as a Fiverr seller in the forum.