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When Customer Support Make A Mistake

Grr. I’ve just had one of the worst experiences I think anyone could have had on Fiverr, with Customer Support. And, this will be long.

It all began about two months ago (yes, that long ago!) when I got an order, delivered it successfully, and then the buyer decided to change the requirements. So, I tell them I won’t be doing it without additional fees, so they decided to dispute. Ten minutes later, CS swoops in and cancel the order.

I dispute against them, as I see no reason. I tell them plainly, that I stuck to the original requirements, and that the buyer changed them halfway through.

They tell me that I am “misunderstanding everything” and it is down to my misuse of the platform that the order got cancelled.

I come back and say - basically, what? I believe the order was cancelled by mistake, can you tell me why it was cancelled?

They say it was due to me not delivering to the requirements, and remember: I don’t decide what the buyer wants.

Then, there is about a month of waffling from them. I refused to drop the case, not because it matters that much to me anymore, but I believe in fighting for what you believe in. And I believe in justice, whether it comes sooner or later.

The next 2-3 weeks were filled with “I’m not looking into it anymore” from them, and refusing to believe that maybe they actually made a mistake. (hoh! shocker)

They refused to help me, told downright lies, were rude and disrespectful, told me I wasn’t worthy of being a seller. They kept shutting my tickets down, so I opened new ones.

Eventually, they realised that I had a point, saying that they should help me. So, they decide to investigate. And guess what they conclude: The order was cancelled by mistake, meaning I was right all along. Ha.

Feeling half frustrated, half relieved, I asked them to take three pieces of action, that I believe are fair.

  1. Compensate me for the order. It was only $8, so it didn’t matter that much, but I figured it was the least they could do.
  2. Fix my statistics. The order didn’t contribute to my completed orders which value my eligibility for seller status, and they aren’t included in my order cancellation rate (which is based on 60 days, which have already been wasted with this case).
  3. Investigate all the other reps who told me I was wrong, told lies, and just gave me a hard time for two months. I think that is fair, considering in the end, they were wrong and I was right.

Then, they come back and say

  1. Sure, we’ll compensate you. And so, they did.
  2. No, we can’t do that, I’m afraid.
  3. We’ll “look into it but we can’t disclose any information because of our privacy policy…”

So, feeling a bit hurt, I tell them.

  1. Thanks
  2. WHY??? If a seller makes a mistake on an order, you would expect them to rectify it through revisions. I find this shocking, Now, I have to suffer for their mistakes, and they refuse to put it right. It’s impacting me. If they fixed this for me, I would be a Level One seller, but they refuse. Honestly, I can easily do it in another order, but I find it shocking that they refuse to correct their mistakes.
  3. Well, fine but slightly annoying.

Was I in the wrong at any time? Because I find this appalling. They refuse to rectify their mistakes, and I have to be impacted by it.


You got knowledge, many of us don’t fight for our rights because we don’t know protocol’s and a formal way to convey everything exact on point with facts & figures. Love for you brother, more power to you :+1:

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they didn’t first ask you to mutually cancel? if you did mutually cancel wouldn’t that have the same effect, account wise?

fiverr seem to be disproportionately mean to sellers, to the point where it makes me uncomfortable as someone who is only a buyer as i’m constantly having to be careful not to do anything to inadvertently hurt the seller

they should be less bias. it’s why i took a long break from fiverr until this outbreak quite frankly

keep fighting the good fight

Half the customer support people are decent humans. The other should be fired. Yesterday. They are a waste of oxygen and are no better than meksells.


It is appalling.

This is why I don’t care about levels anymore. There are too many factors outside of my control, too many ways I can be penalized for things buyers do wrong.

And on top of that I know CS likely won’t make wrong things right.

I can’t win so I don’t bother. I invest my time in business that is just and less risky, not here.


I have had several CS agents truly go above and beyond for me, a couple even offered emotional support when I was going through THAT thing a couple months back… but yeah, some of them are downright sarcastic, rude, and genuinely do NOT investigate your request.

Once I showed a CS agent a screenshot that contradicted what they had said after they refused to help me, and they said “Thanks for the screenshot. I can’t help you with this.” :upside_down_face:


For me the worst part is that there’s no good way to escalate. I want to go directly do the people above them and get answers. And some people fired. It’s inexcusable.

I also want a phone number. I want to talk to someone, real time. None of this pre-made BS on a voice call. But hey, then they couldn’t hire inept idiots, the accents would give them away. Text is easier lol


Omg, so much could be dealt with in minutes with a phone number. I’ve had way too many copy, paste, close the ticket scenarios with agents. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone back and forth several days in a row with an agent just to end up saying “you have not answered my question but please close the ticket because you’re not even reading my messages now”


Yes, it would be much better. But half of them would s**t themselves on a voice call lol. Their english is not that good, and they’re little more than glorified parrots. They couldn’t handle it. I bet I could make some of them cry. And I would enjoy it, ngl.

Also, it would have be to limited to certain sellers. If they had open voice calls for everyone, just imagine the terror. Even the good support agents - trying to have voice calls with meksells. Impossible xD


Great bro, Finally you prove that seller are always not wrong when cancellation, but one thing mexiume order easily buyers can cancel just canning their mind and clime a unprofessional reason.