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When Did This Occur?

Probably behind the times or something but trying to figure it out as it keeps surfacing. With some applications for employment, some are requiring a social network link (Twitter, FB, Google+, etc) as a means of verifying one’s identity and credibility. How exactly does that work and when did it become common practice?

3 years

I have friends with their own companies who ask me to go through their employment candidates’s social media profile.

Would YOU want to hire someone that is dressed in a Nazi SS uniform, with the seig heil salute and a swaztika on the wall behind him/her with a poster of Adolf Hitler on the wall as well? That would be bad for your company’s PR.

Companies have gone too far. They believe that they should control every aspect of an employee’s life. Who cares what people get up to behind closed doors? As long as they do their job well then they are an asset to the company.


actually it does matter. I am sure Pepsi, McDonald’s, British Airways, etc… would not want to hire someone that supports the KKK, ■■■■, Nazis, etc…

Or someone who gets so drunk he does something embarrassing in public, and thinks it would be funny to post all about it on social media.

I can’t see how it is any business of Pepsi, McDonalds, etc. Modern life is too much about conformity. An employer is an employer and nothing more. they do not have the right to pry into the private life of their employees. They don’t go back over the social media profiles of people that have worked there for 40 years. They don’t have any business with what people do outside of work. If an ■■■■ supporter provides great customer service while at wok and then goes back to plotting the downfall of the West in their free time then that is their business. As long as the two don’t mix.

I’ve employed people that I wouldn’t spend ten seconds with outside of work, but while they are working they have been excellent at their job and helped to drive the company forward. That is what they do at work.

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Some workers have actually gotten in trouble with their employers for similar behavior; especially that one guy that dressed in jail stripes prior to his court hearing as a prank.

My only issue with the social networks stuff is that a grand majority of posts is for recreation - especially in regards to Facebook. Twitter is random and Google+ is a mystery.

I was going through the facebook photos of someone that wanted a job at xyz company, one of their board of directors is a friend of mine, he suggested to his board to hire me (xyz company is not real name)…so I usually go through the first 100 photos only.

In the corporate world you don’t want to hire someone that is getting shit plastered drunk every weekend.

Anyways, one of the candidates was in Mexico partying, nothing wrong, ok photos, then as I go through some, there is a photo of him…how can I say this…his head is between a young woman’s you know area and it looks like he is pleassuring her, she is wearing a skirt that is covering things.

Imagine if that kind of photo is discovered by the competition, it could ruin your company.

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Social media is not behind closed doors. It’s how you represent yourself publicly. When you work for a business, you are a face for that business, and it makes sense that they want to know any PR issues beforehand.

@mommymonster I am curious…what ever happened to not posting things online that you don’t want others to see?

I don’t understand this about people, not saying you by the way, like if I was to go party in Cancun or Ibiza and get shit plastered drunk, do every drunk imaginable…I will never 1) take photos of it 2) post anything about that experience. voila

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Very true. The internet was just getting big when I was growing up because I didn’t get a computer in our household until I was like 12 or 13, so I was in high school around the time Myspace was big. My parents were always big on making sure to tell me to be careful what I post. Nowadays you see everyone post everything. And as a parent now, I am even more aware of what I put out into the world.

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I second that, social media content that one uploads, groups that one is aligned with is a portrayal of who you are. In most cases when a company employs you, you must seem to act responsible even in social media as you are their brand ambassador or face.

I don’t know that it’s ‘common’ practice here in NZ for employment applications, but I have 5 twitter accounts and 3 facebook accounts to separate my life into personal/professional.



You see although it is stated that “Employers may not discriminate in hiring…blah blah blah”, it is completely up to them if their HR department does their DUE-DILIGENCE and searches out a potential candidate’s social life.

It is YOUR responsibility to decide how much of your life you want to share on social media and it even includes professional platforms like LINKEDIN.

If the police these days uses Facebook materials as tangible evidence in a case, I don’t think corporations are doing anything inappropriate.

Don’t post things publicly that you don’t want to be used against you.