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When did you got your first order?

Let us know ,when did you got your first order?

1st day ?
2nd day?
3rd day ?
or more?


I have not receive an order as yet and I have been on Fiverr since December 2020.

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It took me around a month to get my first order!


Thats nice to hear , BTW how long have you been using fiverr

Don’t worry and be patient.
Though I’m also new to hear most of the people say buyer requests are the best way to find your first order.
Just go through this forum.
There are plenty of advices for you.

On my first day, in fact within several hours after posting my gig.

HOWEVER I will point out that I took days setting up my gig, and
I had less competition back then. Again though, I spent a LOT of time doing research,
checking out other people’s gigs and made sure mine looked good as theirs, if not better.

Within hours of posting my Gig.

Funny, zeus777 and I started the same month and week in 2013. Competition was still high then (at least in my category), but, nothing like the hoards that bust through the gates here on a daily basis with stars in their eyes thinking they can set up a Gig and make tons of cash immediately.



It took me around 6 month to get my first order!

LOL interesting facts