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When did you guys get your first purchase

Hey guys I’ve been trying to start fiverr and it’s been a week and I haven’t been able to attract any orders and I was just wondering when did you guys get the first order. Please checkout my gig at


Hey I’ve been planning on making a gig on skits what do you think will it work

Do you have a targeted customer base of people who would hire you to create skits?

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No I don’t have anyone targeted at this point

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Hi there…,

The problem is…, you play on a very crowded service…, and there no strong or unique talent requirement to this kind of service. “New designer” could do this kind of service with same or even cheaper price.

You sholud offer something more specific that most new seller can’t provide.

Lastly: You use watermarked image for your thumbnail? this is a bad image for your proffesionalism

Wish you luck,


That may be a good thing to start with. You won’t be able to sell much, until you know exactly to whom you wish to sell it. You need a developed market, before you have a service you know that market needs.

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It was about a month for me! It is a little difficult to start off because you find that a lot of people want to buy from a seller with good reviews, so you get the short end of the stick when you do not even have 1.

If you are not already, I would search the buyer requests. Avoid over-saturated markets, like Logos. If the request has 25+ offers already, then let it go.

You may need to make your gig more interesting too! So many people do “Photo Retouches” (even the ones that have no clue what they are doing), and a lot of people know how to make their backgrounds disappear (even though it might not as good). Make either your title/gallery stand out! Choose eye-catching photos that show the best of your skill! Nothing too mundane. Also, diversify your gigs too! Other than photo editing, is there a skill that you can profit off of?

I like your idea of Facebook/Instagram ads! It is very specific, and the image really works with it! See, if you made the title say, “I will draw something for you”, now you’re in an over-saturated field like illustration/art with an unnoticeable, boring title!

Once you get your first order/review, then you have your foot in door with (hopefully) a 5 star rating! Also, it does not hurt to take the Fiverr tests that apply to you. English, etc.

In short, great title/picture, and BUYER REQUESTS.


Thanks for replying, didn’t expect anyone to help me out this much. I don’t really know what a buyers request is. I’ve heard that word being used is it like a feature on fiverr and where do I see it from? :grinning:


It took about a month for me, then I did some buyer requests and it took off from there. Now I am level one. You still have to actively promote your gig and profile elsewhere. Add it to your social media profiles and when people visit your profiles, they’ll click on your fiverr link.

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Whats a buyers request, I don’t understand that

Hi @wordplay101

Can you explain this:
Hi, my name is Moosa Talha and I’m a hardworking 15-year old who’ll transcribe videos for you. My favorite subject is sociology, in which we have to transcribe hours of interviews, every other day, therefore I believe that I’m capable enough to do such a task, as a job. I sometimes help my friends out with transcription essays, and usually get a lot of requests from my school members, as I’m very good at such time-consuming tasks.

And your GIGs that have nothing to do with this. Plus I would remove the part where you say you write essays for others since that is a direct violation of Fiverr TOS.

This was a previous gig which was deleted by me I’ll add that back so that it makes sence

Hey can you check it out and tell me how you find it to be

Remove the essays from your profile description, it is just a matter of time someone is going to report you.

The description is to small and all in one connected text. make separations, make a paragraph, bold some keywords, ad keywords, add more images.

Proofread your text.

Stay safe.

All of sample images were stolen from the internet. One of them you took from another Fiverr seller, which you can tell from the watermark. Why are you doing this?

Hey can you please check it out now I changed quite a bit of my gig. Thank you so much for your help it really makes my gig look a lot better .

Looks better but split sentences.

Like this. Make some space so it is easier to read. And correct the images on other GIGs, put your own (as the above post suggests).

Your transcript “samples” were stolen too. Stop stealing people’s work and show your own. That marine interview is the #1 search result in Google for interview transcript samples. STOP IT!

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Imagine someone hiring you to remove a dead tree with many branches from behind someone with really curly hair and expecting the same level of quality the Leighton Meester image has. It’d be a disaster. You should exhibit samples of your own work.

Most of the people on many gigs don’t provide their own work a lot of the time when they begin, as I get more experienced and start getting more examples of my work I’ll be able to replace these images with my own